#MaytagMoms washer and dryer laundry. It never stops.

Laundry. Is there a Light at the End of the Tunnel?

What do you like about doing laundry? Really? Did I just ask that? [Okay, my excuse it that I have some big news.... but just hold on...] Shall I rephrase? What do you not like about doing laundry? …. there come the answers. I asked this on Facebook earlier this week and was flooded with […]


Hands on Weekly: Dirt Patch

A couple of quick announcements this week! [Something new and different, huh?] I’m teaming up with BabbaCo this month. And I just want to quickly announce that they’re having a giveaway for their Annual BabbaBox Membership! So hop over to their Facebook page and enter really quickly. [Read more about the BabbaBox memberships.] Also! Yes! […]

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A Relaxing Post-Holiday Week

[from top to bottom] Upcycle a cereal or cracker box into a puzzle. Make two of them by utilizing the back as a number counting puzzle! It’s Playtime! Yahoo! More activities for Things that Go were featured! [Shown is Having Fun at Chelle's House, playing in the dirt!] My sister-in-law shared some craftiness for Mom […]


Lots of Water Activities this Week! Plus more!

[above, left to right, top to bottom] Henry’s imagination has been in full gear lately with tons of stories. He’s been pretending to drive tractor and go to work, all on our couch. George got into some water and bubbles! Soapy bubbles are his favorite! The boys couldn’t get enough of this water activity and […]

Kid Activities

This Week: Sorting, ABCs, & Things that Go!

One of the simplest and oldest activities. Letting the kids rummage through the tupperware drawer. This time we did some sorting and matching with lids and tubs. A learning maze for the order of the alphabet. Check out the movie of Henry driving through it! Learning colors activities are featured on It’s Playtime! This clothespin […]

Activities & Crafts and Mother's Day

Mother’s Day Week of Activities

[clockwise, from top-left] Our Mother’s Day gift that the boys and I made. A yarn wrapped vase to make it complete. We always seem to make flowers for Mother’s Day. So I collected 10 Flower Ideas for Mother’s Day! We’ll have plenty of inspiration for next year. In honor of Children’s Book Week, I featured […]

Me & the Boys

Play Dough, Painting, ABCs & Hunts

[above, clockwise from top-left] I set out some play dough and the boys added their construction equipment and they were busy, for literally hours, creating a complete play dough construction site. A learning scavenger hunt! Matching up letters and numbers to their corresponding counterparts after they’ve been found. George tried a little water painting on […]

Creating Learning and Playing

Creating, Learning & Playing this Week

[above, clockwise from top left] We are on top of things this year and already have [part] of our Mother’s Day gift ready for Grandma. The boys absolutely loved creating these watercolor coffee filter flowers. Learning with Legos! We did two activities with Legos: Henry patterned with Legos, as well as measured objects using his […]

George in bathtub

Lots of Activities this Week!

[from top, left to right] Henry had a birthday last weekend! He’s 4! And he had a semi truck birthday party, complete with semi cake and activity. Toddler activities I think are the hardest to come up with. So I put together a list of 50 activities that are just for toddlers. I’ll be coming […]

A week of hands on activities for the kids

A Fine Motor Learning Week of Activities

[above, clockwise from top left] It was a Fine Motor Learning week it seems… Using egg cartons for play! Add pipe cleaners to the mix and we had a fine motor activity, and made a train to play with! Pipe cleaners again! I cut them up small to be used as sprinkles. Little fingers put […]