Hands On Update: Is Summer Almost Over?

Where did the summer go? It’s already the end of July! Are you getting everything done that you hoped to?     How can you not love the look of amazement on your kids faces? The magic of a Children’s Museum is priceless. If you haven’t been to one, you definitely need to experience it. […]

This week's activities!

Hands On Activities: Cleaning Up!

This week’s activities! [from top, left to right] A homemade geoboard that was even made by Henry using push pins and rubberbands! We’re soothing diaper rashes with some fun bathtime activities. Plus there’s $150 in gift cards that we’re giving away! Stuck in a creative rut? Try a new way to paint! There’s 50 paint […]

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Tackle Diaper Rash: Bathtime Activities

This post is sponsored by Boudreaux’s Butt Paste®, the effective diaper rash cream that treats and prevents diaper rash with every change. Let’s kick some rash! I’ve been using Boudreaux’s Butt Paste® for four years now [maybe not for me personally...]. Even with a toddler, its still handy to have around and with another baby on the […]

Splash Pad Fun

This Week’s Activities: Splashin’ Around

This week’s activities: Go on, fly a kite! Grab a plastic bag out of your sack stash [we all got 'em!] and run! Get creative yourself and decorate some fabric! I made a butterfly pillowcase for my niece! Super simple toddler activity that promotes fine motor skills. Clothespins. Yep. That’s it. Exploring imaginations on It’s Playtime! […]


The Hands on Weekly: Hot Enough?

Get 20% off your 1st BabbaBox! Use code: HANDS20OFF Thank you to BabbaCo for sponsoring and the discount! This week’s activities, clockwise from top-left. Alphabet Ball! A very hands on learning activity shared by The Pleasantest Thing that can be adapted for many ages and development stages! We’re thinking positive this week on It’s Playtime! [Butterfly craft, […]


Mud, Flowers, Rainbows… and Animals?

[left-right from top-left] Getting good and dirty with some mud. Making prints and tracks in the mud with all sorts of things! Starching coffee filters to give them a 3D effect! This spray starch is so cool to use on crafts! I can’t wait to come up with something else to use it for! Going […]


Keep Moving Forward through the Summer #readforgood

We’ve already been in summer mode for almost a month now. And I made a rule to myself to make sure we stick to our school schedule of getting out the door by 8 or 8:30 every morning. Just so we don’t find ourselves trapped inside all day in our PJs. So far, we’ve done […]

Hands on Weekly Activities

Tie Dye, Father’s Day & Play Dough

[above clockwise from top-left] Tie Dye! Its so much fun! Henry and I tie dyed pillow cases and used them as a gift wrap! The boys doodled on a bowl for their Father’s Day gift to Dad. 8 Father’s Day Activities got featured on It’s Playtime! [Shown is an awesome art wrapped candy bar from Domestic […]

#MaytagMoms washer and dryer laundry. It never stops.

Laundry. Is there a Light at the End of the Tunnel?

What do you like about doing laundry? Really? Did I just ask that? [Okay, my excuse it that I have some big news.... but just hold on...] Shall I rephrase? What do you not like about doing laundry? …. there come the answers. I asked this on Facebook earlier this week and was flooded with […]


Hands on Weekly: Dirt Patch

A couple of quick announcements this week! [Something new and different, huh?] I’m teaming up with BabbaCo this month. And I just want to quickly announce that they’re having a giveaway for their Annual BabbaBox Membership! So hop over to their Facebook page and enter really quickly. [Read more about the BabbaBox memberships.] Also! Yes! […]