Baby Guessing Contest

Baby Guessing Contest!

I want to have a little fun before the baby gets here. Let’s take a stab at guessing the baby’s vital information when it arrives! Here’s how the rules will work for this baby guessing contest:   Who will win: You HAVE to guess the gender correctly. The person with the closest guesses [in one […]

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Birthday, Laundry and Leaves? Activities for All!

This week of activities… [clockwise from top-left] We got back on the once-a-week laundry system. I’d love to hear your tips for doing laundry! No Twiddle Twaddle guest posted a perfectly timed [it was George's birthday last weekend] birthday sensory bin that makes a perfect gift too! Last year, Henry was doing this string scavenger […]

Once-a-week Laundry

Once-a-Week Laundry System #MaytagMoms

I tried doing once-a-week laundry a while back [I guess it was probably a year ago]. I did it successfully for a while. But it was tough with my old washer and dryer. I was rushing to get it done. I rarely got it all done in one day. And eventually, my one day a week […]


Autumn Hands on Activities This Week!

 This week of hands on activities… [above: clockwise from top-left] A guest post from Antidotes for Mom with a creative Halloween Treats Craft! Henry and George explored gravity while playing with a large carpet tube. I tried a new art technique, pulled string painting, and made a festive fall tree. It’s Playtime is all about […]


It’s Autumn! & Lots of Busy Play Activities

This week’s hands on activities include… [clockwise from top-left] Lots of busy play ideas that I have been trying out with George to practice before the baby comes. These will also come in handy when I’m trying to get dinner on the table! Phew! On It’s Playtime, I shared 10 fall activities and crafts! I […]


Busy Play Activities & Creative Activities

This week of hands on activities: Fine motor activity, as well as some serious busy play for a toddler, using drawer knobs and screws. Some creative ideas on It’s Playtime this week to inspire your creativity! [Shown is a gorgeous spin art mobile for the baby from Creative With Your Hands.] Another way to keep […]

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New School Year, New Excitement

A short* week of activities: [above, clockwise from top-left] Dominoes! This was a last minute idea I pulled from the closet, game pieces! Dominoes have so much potential! The boys made roads with them. A special picnic lunch for the boys after Henry’s first day of school. Maybe a yearly school tradition? Just a little […]

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Numbers, School Countdown & Busy Play

A week of activities… [from top, left to right] We drew out a grid of numbers to count through! Great visual number practice, as well as counting! We’re counting down to preschool [starts on Monday!] with a book countdown! It’s Playtime is all about games! Games you can make for your kids at home to […]

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Hands On Update: Experiment, Drawings, & Laundry

Our week of activities…  [clockwise from top left] Both George and Henry enjoyed one of the simplest experiments: Does it Sink or Float? While Henry drew me his very first drawing, George scribbled away and made his own marks with chalk, too! We took a look at some drawing activities on It’s Playtime this week. […]


Laundry That’s Dependable Enough for Lovies! #MaytagMoms

I got my new Maytag Bravos XL washer and dryer! Yipee!  I listed off quite a few reasons before about why I am so excited about this opportunity to be a Maytag Mom! [a.k.a. Why my old washer sucked.] The top of the list was that my washer always stopped mid-cycle and beeped at me non-stop. […]