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Give Zorbit's home planet a name

Zorbit’s Math Adventure Needs a Name for Their Home Planet

This contest has ended. Winners are: First prize is for the name PlusOne submitted by Georgia Beckman Second prize is for the name Zandara submitted by Juanita May Third prize is for the name KidBeHere submitted by Jenny Cawrse Random drawing is for the name Zeptron from Katherine DeDeyne Remember earlier in the summer, we helped […]

My 5 Tips for Making Once a Month Meals with the Kids

My 5 Tips for Making Once a Month Meals with the Kids

Meal planning has never worked for me. It just doesn’t. I can’t stick to the plan, and if a menu is given to me, I generally don’t like half of what is provided to me. That may be because I’m just a tad bit of a picky eater… However, when I know what to make […]

Sticky Note Letter Scavenger Hunt

Letter Scavenger Hunt with Wall Decals for Kids

With George learning letters and actually retaining them now, we’re all about letters in this house. And Henry is a master at teaching them [just not with this activity… ek!]. The kids went on a letter scavenger hunt and then matched them to their cool new tree house wall decal! You have got to check […]


Give this Character a Name! Its for a New Educational Product for Preschoolers!

The contest is over and he has a name! Meet Zorbit! I got the inside scoop on something and I so badly want to share it with you! Best Boy Interactive is creating a new educational product aimed at preschoolers, aged four. And they’re sponsoring this contest to win an iPad Mini! Sorry… that’s all that […]


A Library of Books for your iPad

Bookboard is an iPad app for reading children’s books that keeps track of books read and unlocks new books to read. A library of books, right on your iPad, for the kids to read! While I can literally see our public library from my front window, I have been having a hard time actually getting […]


Happy New Year Hands on Friends!

Its been so nice to have a little break over the holidays to enjoy some time with my family. I hope you got to do the same! I did enjoy some time over on Google+ this past couple of weeks. Its been fun meeting new people there and joining in communities to discuss topics we’re […]