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Hands on Kids Activities and Crafts

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  1. 10 Hurdles to overcome so you can be hands on with your kids.
  2. Creating some flowers to get us in the mood for spring. Using 3 easy art techniques.
  3. 7 St Patrick’s Day activities and crafts that we’ve done. All rainbows and shamrocks.
  4. Shamrocks were the star of the show on It’s Playtime this week. Browse the full list of play activities (all kinds of play) that have been added to the list.
  5. Bedtime battles after Daylight Savings Time. How do you deal? (Comment to win a Pajaminals DVD and The Sleepeasy Solution book).
  6. Smile! Snap a photo of a Spontaneous Smiley to help kids get their smiles.

I have two questions that I hope you can take a minute to answer. They’re simple questions, and I promise I won’t grade you. Just helps me get to know you better and make hands on : as we grow a little bit better.

The first question pertains to the post “10 hurdles to overcome to become hands on with your kids”. You may need to reference it for more information. And maybe not either. Just thought I’d throw it out there just in case.

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Sandbox Digging

The boys have completely been wearing me out this week with the great weather.We’ve been outside for hours every day. I love this time of year (but hate it for the blog, it’s so hard to put together activities when the boys play so nicely together outside for hours at a time!).

So next week is completely up in the air. We’ll see what we come up with for hands on activities to show you.

Enjoy the weekend!

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  1. Jackie @ Happy Hooligans says

    Great wrap up this week, Jamie! I esp. LOVE the spontaneous smiles idea! I remember reading about this a while back, but then I forgot about it. I have to remember to do this with the Hooligans!

    • Jamie says

      Thanks Jackie! It was fun to look for the smilies with Henry – although he didn’t really get it until I showed him the photo I took. He could never see a smile when we were looking for them. But it was fun!

  2. Jackie says

    We’ve been outside nonstop too- except today the boys crashed and I’m catching up on reading blogs! I think you should bring back some oldies but goodies this week. I always love your stuff but I’m sure I’ve missed somethings or I might see it and think…oh, I MEANT to do that but never did. Just a suggestion from a reader who loves your blog! :)

  3. Marcie says

    We are loving the warm weather, too, and spending all our time outside. It would be great to have a few new (to us) outside play ideas, too. Maybe you could do a quick refresher list of some of your favorite outside play ideas? I also had a suggestion for your survey – for your first question, my biggest hurdle a lot of times is finding things that are of interest to both my kids, ages 20 months and 3 1/2. The younger one has a short attention span and doesn’t like to get messy, so it limits what we can do.

    We’ll see if my comment shows up even though my name isn’t Jackie. :)

    • Jamie says

      That is a great suggestion for the hurdles to be hands on! Never thought of that one, but is completely one that many of us will run into – and I will be shortly now that George is getting more involved in our activities! Thanks!

      ;) You showed up even though your name isn’t Jackie! Glad to have another name in the comments. hehe!

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