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New activities on the blog… [above from top, left to right]

  • I created the boys and I a bucket list for this winter. 10 Snow Activities to do Outside! [There's also a giveaway for a Neosporin Eczema Essentials Kit! A simple comment is the entry!]
  • My boys are builders. And they love the building toys we already have, but have a few more we’d like to add to the collection. These are my choice of the 10 Top Toys for Builders.
  • Henry and George are also ‘wheels’ fanatics. They gravitate toward anything with wheels. There’s 5 cars and trucks activities featured on last week’s It’s Playtime!
  • This week, on It’s Playtime, we’re trying to get inspired to get outside and do some of these 5 outdoor activities that I featured! Come play with us this week!


More new stuff… [below, left to right]

Hands on Activities



What I’ve been up to…

I’m super cheap… or frugal may be a nicer word.

Anyway, I took the kids photos for the Christmas card this year myself… It actually was pretty easy and the boys had fun with it. I was inspired by a photo that Nest of Posies shared.

Here are a few photos what we came up with. Having Louis in the photo made it hard because he can’t prop himself up. But I like what I came up with. A string of Christmas lights goes a long ways!


Holiday Photos


My latest reads…


A sneak peek at a Christmas craft that I’ll be sharing this coming week.

Sneak peek at a Christmas craft


Happy December everyone! This is my birthday month, so its special. Oh and its Christmas too, so its extra special I guess.

Happy Holidays!


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