New School Year, New Excitement

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Hands on Activities

A short* week of activities: (above, clockwise from top-left)

  1. Dominoes! This was a last minute idea I pulled from the closet, game pieces! Dominoes have so much potential! The boys made roads with them.
  2. A special picnic lunch for the boys after Henry’s first day of school. Maybe a yearly school tradition?
  3. Just a little fun for you to explore. Some play dough ideas to play with (um, 34 of them!)!
  4. It’s Playtime! I featured some fun activities to learn about shapes this week! Browse all the other ideas already linked up!

*This week has been a little shorter than usual, and less quiet on the blog. I have a lot going on at the bakery right now, as well as getting ready for the baby to come in a couple of months. I’ll be backing off a little bit here in order to keep my sanity (at least what I have left). This week is probably as quiet as it’ll get, but just wanted to give you a heads up. I believe I’ll have a few guest posters popping in to share wonderful activities with you as well. (If you’re interested, you can contribute too!)

Also going on this week:

Henry headed off to 4 year old preschool. A 5 days a week program, mornings only. Just adding in the 5th day this year I think is going to be an adjustment, next year for Kindergarten is going to be major when he’s gone all day! I’m already sad thinking about that!

But with a new year brings new excitement, right?

This year (and every year forward), and one of the perks of why we bought the house we did, we get to walk to school! I already love this walk with Henry each morning and when I pick him up. Its our chance to chat about school and get him excited for it, as well as finding out what he did that day!

First day of Preschool

I’m already being bombarded with papers of Henry’s doings in class.

What do you do with all of them?

I asked on Facebook, and I love the suggestion of taking pictures of them, and then keeping the ‘important’ ones, or ones with special meaning to your child. And scrapbooking them!

Do you have a system for all the stuff that comes home from class?

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