New Birthday Tradition: Make it a ‘Yes’ Day

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I’ve been in a fog a lot lately.Not sure why, but I can’t seem to snap out of it. I even almost forgot to plan George’s 3rd birthday party, even if it is a low-key birthday party. Thankfully, our sponsor, Citi Simplicity has features for forgetting! A credit card that alleviates the frustration of late fees and a penalty rate.

Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t miss George’s birthday, but almost… I knew it was coming up, but I kept putting off… and before I knew it, it was a week before the party and I had no invites, or even a theme (of any sort) planned. Granted, we don’t go big at all for our parties, we tend to keep them very low-key. But I usually make my kids invitations and have a great birthday cake to go with it.

And I had none of that going…. so I made some quick phone calls, put out an event on Facebook and made sure everyone got invited. Phew.

But man, I felt bad! Not that George will know any different… but I had to make it up to him.

Enter… the new birthday tradition… a Yes Day.

Make it a Yes Day Birthday Tradition

This is going to become a birthday tradition for each kid!

I first heard about doing a ‘Yes’ Day from Erica of What Do We Do All Day? It’s simple really. If a child has a request on that day, the answer is yes!

How did our ‘Yes’ Day turned out? Awesome! I highly recommend doing this at least once a year for each of your kids. Make it their special day!

Happy Kid after a fun Yes Day as a new birthday tradition

Yes George, pancakes for breakfast!

Yes George, you can ride your new bike in the house.

Yes George, you can have Neapolitan ice cream!

Yes George, we can go to the movie!

I even overheard Henry say, “Hey George, today, whenever you ask us something, we’re going to say yes!”

I felt like it was a great way to slow down and make your child’s day. A simple yes can go a long ways. And perfect for a birthday.

Yes George, you can open the presents!

Yes George, eat all the ice cream you want.

More ice cream George? Yes!

More ice cream on a Yes Day!

I’m glad that George ended up with a very fun day for this birthday, even though it started out with my in such a fog to get it ready.

Are you ever in a fog like that? How do you snap out of it?

Citi Simplicity  is the ONLY card that never charges late fees, a penalty rate or an annual fee, ever. It’s kind of like a ‘Yes’ Day from them every day!

And a cool bonus is that if you’re late in buying a birthday gift, you don’t need to worry about finding a sale right then! Citi Price Rewind searches retailers’ sites for lower prices when you buy and register an eligible item with your Citi credit card. Save your credit card receipt each time you shop. If Citi finds your item at least $25 lower than what you paid within 30 calendar days, you can get the difference in price back, up to $250. The average refund is $80.

When you consider credit card late fees typically start at $15 and can be as high as $35 per missed payment late payment fees can really add up.

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  1. Margot C says

    I have a few solutions for brain fog (and boy do I get it); coffee of course, a good night’s sleep and best of all – cycling! Nothing straightens me out like riding a bike. I just go over the store on my bike and buy stuff for dinner or something so I can say it was practical.

  2. Erika says

    Ah – we do this, too! LOVE! It made my 4 year old feel so special to do this for her birthday back in June – we have done it before, too. It’s a GREAT tradition – and I try to do it every couple of months with all my kids (not just on birthdays) now.

    Here’s the post I wrote about it back in June:

    And for the record, I’m in a fog like that ALL. THE. TIME! LOL


  3. thriftylittlemomcom says

    I have been writing so much lately that I didn’t even think about my husbands 30th birthday. I too forgot to plan until a week out and had to quickly put some things together! I felt like I was reading my own week last week of making invites, getting them out and then keeping the party simple since we don’t do huge birthday events! The “yes” day idea is really good and I’m glad that you shared this because I think it is the perfect way to make a child feel special. In fact I could use one these now and then, “Can I get my nails done” – Yes, can I have 2 hours at the coffee shop alone to write?- Yes! That would be a great day.

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