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George is just beginning to learn the letters of his name, and recognizing it (besides just a ‘G’).

I have got to share with you these books that my boys received from our sponsor, I See Me!, that are helping a ton!

George got The Very Important Preschooler (affiliate link), even though he’s not technically in preschool yet, he goes to daycare two morning a week, and to him, its school. He wants to be in school so bad now that Henry’s in kindergarten all day, every day.

The Very Important Preschoolers, Personalized Books for Kids

The book is perfect for a kid going to school for the first time and shares about their day at school.

Take a full tour of The Very Important Preschooler (affiliate link) at I See Me!Many of their personalized books for kids have tours you can take to see exactly what the story is!

Name Recognition with Personalized Books for Kids

It’s personalized throughout the entire book. Every single page has his name on it. Not just in the text either, his name is worked into the illustrations on every page. We have a lot of fun searching for his name and then spelling it every time we find it.

Its great for name recognition!

We paired his new personalized book with a name recognition activity we did with some letter stickers.

Sticker Name Recognition Activity

I simply wrote his name in uppercase letters (because that’s what kind of letter stickers we had).

I sorted through the bag of letter stickers to find the letters in his name. From those letters, George found and matched the stickers to his name. Adding a sticker below each letter to spell out G-E-O-R-G-E.

George knows that his name starts with G. So he thinks every time he sees the letter G, its his name. I think activities like this, as well as others from our 35 name activities, along with The Very Important Preschooler book we got, he’ll recognize his name fast!

Name Recognition Activity with Letter Stickers

More Personalized Books for Kids from I See Me!

The other boys got books from I See Me! as well. There’s tons of personalized books for kids to choose from!

Henry got the Henry’s Very Own Name Coloring and Activity Book that’s all about his name. You can take a tour of the book to see how personalized it really is.

My Very Own Name Coloring & Activity Books, Personalize Books for Kids at I See Me

Louis got the ABC What Louis Can Be! personalized book that he’ll grow into and learn his letters with.

ABC What I Can Be, Personalize Books for Kids at I See Me

Disclosure: This post has been sponsored by I See Me! Personalized Books for Kids. This post contains affiliate links.

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  1. Amanda (Connor) Meyer says

    I just created a personalized ABC for my son on Shutterfly (as a Christmas gift)with things that he enjoys and what the world looks like to him. It’s got pictures of him picking berries, helping his daddy, napping and farming! I picked something for every letter of the alphabet to correlate with things we do and see around our farm. I thought by applying common objects or activities that he would recognize to each letter would help with letter retention.

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