My Pregnancy Symptoms: The Munchies


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I’m pregnant. With number 3.

And with each pregnancy, its been the same.

First sign of pregnancy… I get a bloody nose.

Yep. That’s right, bloody noses. Weird, I know. But I always get a few within the first 6 weeks of pregnancy, even before I have a positive pregnancy test. I guess its my own test, because I always know beforehand.

Luckily, I don’t get nauseous, no morning sickness here. Thankfully! Whew!

Though, the first couple months, my belly usually feels like I’m actually in my ninth month. It always feels so stretched and full [not bloated]. Just completely stretched already.

Also, I immediately get the munchies.

Snacking constantly. And the evenings are terrible. Right before bed. I gobble just about anything down. And usually its unhealthy, full of salt or sugar. I’m learning to lean toward a breakfast snack, like breakfast bars, as they fill me up for a longer period of time.

Enter the Quaker Soft Baked Bar. Mmm!


Cinnamon Pecan Bread, my fave, tastes like cinnamon rolls! Warmed up for a few seconds in the microwave, and its a tasty treat!

Success. I’m filled up for the night and good until morning hits [usually pretty rare]. Yay!


Of course, the boys have had their share of them too. George is a banana fan, so he absolutely loved the Banana Nut Bread flavor, but seriously, he’s all for both flavors! And that’s okay! They’re a wholesome food, rich in vitamins and fiber.


Do you get the munchies when you’re pregnant? Or even if you’re not?

What do you eat?

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