My Favorite Activities from 2012

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2012… What’s been your favorite part?

I’ve been looking back on the year, and looking through my old posts and activities that I’ve shared here on the blog (and I apologize for a lot of the formatting issues in the older posts!). Looking through them all brings a memory to mind with each one and they each make me smile (or cringe!).

I hope I have helped you create some of those memories that you can look back on and be glad you took the time to really enjoy spending time with your kids.

Here’s my favorites from the year. I’d love to hear what your favorites have been to!

My favorite hands on activities

Halloween Activity: A Sticky Spider Web Simple Leaf Window Garland
A Sticky Spider Web Simple Leaf Garland Sand Sensory Art
Hands on activities are what we do around here. While I love doing all of them with my kids. I’ve felt that these are a little bit more special to me and my kids. Whether it’s a milestone that I saw my kids complete while doing it, or if it’s just the memories that were created while doing them. I hope you guys have enjoyed them as much as I have.

 My favorite learning activities

thumb (7) Thumbnail image for Colors: A Rainbow Toy Hunt Thumbnail image for Counting Activity: A Maze of Numbers
Letter & Number Scavenger Hunt A Rainbow Toy Hunt
Counting Maze of Numbers
While I believe every activity we do lends a part in the boys learning something. There are activities that we do that I go in with the intention of them practicing something, or learning something new, like numbers, counting, their letters or letter sounds and so on. I am amazed at the things Henry has learned since I’ve started the blog (2 years ago!) and cannot wait for George (and Louis too!) to go through those same two years in his life. It is amazing what those little brains can soak up!

 My favorite art projects

Fall Art: Pulled String Painting thumb (6) thumb (5)
Pulled String Tree Painting Rainbow Sponge Painting Spring Flowers
Arts and crafts are the funnest for me to do, but maybe not my kids choice all the time. Though usually when I ask them what activity they’d like to do, the answer is almost always “Paint!” except when its “A water experiment!”… We do enjoy it when we do them though. I’ve even included one of my own painting that I did with the boys. Do you know which one it is?

 My favorite toddler activities

thumb (4) thumb (3) thumb (2)
Pouring Water Lines of Colored Tape Fine Motor Skills with Pom Poms
This round of toddlerhood with George (as compared to Henry) has completely been a 180. Henry was all about running and movement, so most of our activities were tailored to that. If you haven’t noticed, there actually hasn’t been a lot of energetic activities recently posted. That’s because George is more about the little things and doing things with his hands. Now… onto some learning activities for this little guy!

 My favorite collections of activities

35 Activities for Vehicles or Things that Go thumb (1) 2011-02-14_1238-13
35 Activities for Things that Go! 40 Block Activities for Kids 35 Uses for Crayons
My play collections throughout the year are my go to posts. They’re my resource of ideas for stuff that we turn to from time to time. Blocks are always out in our house, as well as tractors, trucks and anything else that has wheels… so I’m constantly looking at these for new ideas to shake it up a little around here.

 My favorite parenting topics

Become a Hands on Mom with your Kids thumb
How to Become Hands on with Your Kids Night Terrors What I Wish Moms Would Say
My parenting posts aren’t my normal posts that I put on the blog. But, honestly, they’re my favorite. Because they’re all me (and not really about the kids for once!). I do feel very exposed when I write them, but they make me feel that much more proud when I get a nice comment on them. I hope to start writing a few more parenting posts in the coming year.

Come back in the new year to see 2012’s number one post that you guys loved the most! It’s a blog hop of a bunch of kid blogger’s Best of 2012 posts! It won’t be one you want to miss for sure!

Happy Holidays! See you in 2013!

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