Mud, Flowers, Rainbows… and Animals?

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(left-right from top-left)

  1. Getting good and dirty with some mud. Making prints and tracks in the mud with all sorts of things!
  2. Starching coffee filters to give them a 3D effect! This spray starch is so cool to use on crafts! I can’t wait to come up with something else to use it for!
  3. Going on a hunt! For rainbows! Henry learned how to make a rainbow with a prism and a water hose! Guess what else? I got a giveaway for a BabbaBox 3-month membership here too! Don’t miss it!
  4. 10 animals activities on It’s Playtime this week! Find fun ways to learn all about the cows, ducks, fish and all your kids’ favorites!
  5. I’m on a mission to keep Henry moving forward through the summer… with the help of The Readathon! MeMeTales launched their Readathon this past week with an animal theme! Join in this coming week for Friendship books and activities!
  6. What were we doing last year? Take a look at that photo! George was so little then (not to mention chubby!). Having some free sensory play with some fabric scraps!

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What do I Spy… ?

I spied… a rainbow salt tray to practice pre-writing (and writing!) skills from Learning 4 Kids.

I spied… a homemade natural body paint at Modern Parents Messy Kids.

I spied… an adorable “What’s is gonna BEE?” Gender revealing party at The Educator’s Spin On It.

Readathon Heads Up:

This week’s theme is friendship. Join the Readathon to stop the Summer Slide!

The books that are free to check out for the week are:

StickFiggy Makes a Friend
memetales small logo
StickFiggy Make…

See more at memetales

memetales small logo
Lott’s Tea Party

See more at memetales

memetales small logo

See more at memetales

When we were on our rainbow hunt with the water hose, it was so hot (not to mention overly humid). The boys so, truly enjoyed the water. I set the hose nozzle on mist and let Henry squirt George. George was giggling so much and asking for more, running back to him as fast he could.

And we got a little surprise last weekend on Father’s Day when we were having a picnic on our porch! A baby fawn joined us!

Enjoy your week!

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