Mother’s Day Week of Activities


Activities & Crafts and Mother's Day
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  1. Our Mother’s Day gift that the boys and I made. A yarn wrapped vase to make it complete.
  2. We always seem to make flowers for Mother’s Day. So I collected 10 Flower Ideas for Mother’s Day! We’ll have plenty of inspiration for next year.
  3. In honor of Children’s Book Week, I featured some activities that were inspired by children’s books that were linked up to It’s Playtime! Join the playdate with some play! [Shown: Rainy Day Mum shared their plant markers, inspired by The Carrot Seed.]
  4. Play with cups! George really enjoyed exploring this simple toy!



I stepped out of my element this week and wrote a little about how we’re learning to deal with George’s night terrors. I’ve been overwhelmed with the response in comments, pins on Pinterest, comments on Facebook and so forth. I hope to get back to everyone, its just taking me some time. I am amazed at how many of  you have experience with night terrors, and I’m just learning about them now.

I just loved this photo of Henry while he was making the vase for Mother’s Day. He gets some crazy expressions sometimes.

On an exciting note for me, I got a new camera lens and I’m so excited see how it will take photos of the boys in action. Hopefully you’ll get to see some great crystal clear photos on the blog soon!

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