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Congratulations to sweetheart!
Due to the previous winner not responding, I drew a new winner and notified her via email.
AMMO Books will be sending her one of these beautiful Modern Art Memory Games!

memory game for preschoolers
I received this beautiful Modern Art Memory Game from Sara of AMMO Books.
It combines two of my favorites: kids and art.

Though I must confess, I’m not an art history buff, but this game may change that.
The art on each card is beautiful.
Though what I love most. The cards are super sturdy.
There’s no way Henry [or even George, the baby] could bend them!
memory game for preschoolers
Henry got a kick out of the memory game.
I have to say, he’s not a huge ‘game’ fan…
… but he sat and played with this one for awhile.
[Though he's not the best at taking turns yet.]
He also created his own game [or art I should say].
memory game for preschoolers
With each of the cards face up, he lined them up in a square.
When he couldn’t reach, he asked me to place it where he wanted each one to be.
I took this opportunity to work on directions:

“Above the blue horse one?”

“To the left of the black and white one?”
After just a couple remarks like that, Henry suddenly was telling me [not pointing] where to place each card using directions and descriptive words.
His finished piece was beautiful because the Memory cards are so vibrant!
memory game for preschoolers
As we were picking up the game to put it away,
Henry noticed the pamphlet that came with it.
It shows each piece of art that are on the cards [along with the artist and the name of the piece].
Henry began matching the cards to the pamphlet!
I didn’t push the Art History lesson here, but this would be an amazing opportunity to teach your child about art.
memory game for preschoolers
Since I didn’t figure Henry would go for the Memory game with such excitement…
I first asked his cousin Ellie to play.
She played about six rounds of Memory [each with 6 of the pairs].
Loving every bit of it.
memory game for preschoolers
Ellie’s Mom is a former Elementary Art Teacher.
When she saw this game she thought it would be a huge hit for a fun day in class!
This game is fantastic!
Beautiful enough to keep even adults interested, and the classic Memory game is always a plus for the kids!
And AMMO Books is generous enough to send one of these Modern Art Memory Games to YOU!
How to enter this giveaway:
Here’s how you could win Modern Art Memory Game from AMMO Books:
[Comment on this blog post for one entry each.]
[Sorry, only open to US readers.]
  • Tell me your favorite way to play Memory — do you play by the rules? Or create your own way to play?
  • Head over to AMMO Books’ website to check out their other creative designs they have and come back here to tell me which one you love and absolutely want to have!
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Ends Thursday night at midnight CST. I’ll draw from a winner this Friday, September 2 and announce it here on the blog!

Good Luck!

[I received Modern Art Memory Game from AMMOBooks free of charge to review and giveaway. The post is written entirely in my own words and opinion.]

jamie @ hands on : as we grow
Henry is 3 years.
George is 10 months.
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  1. Sarah says

    I have always been a rule stickler-even as a child. However, I always use to play Memory by myself v(and did this quite often as a child).I would try to beat how many tries it took to get all the matches. I have started to teach this to my son when I need a few minutes of quiet. I love the when your son created art by flipping them all upright. What fun!

  2. Sarah says

    WoW! AMMO has some pretty cool stuff. I am really digging Charley Harper's work and want to research more about him. BUT I just can't get over how cool the Modern ART one is. I think my son would love the Pop Art. I think that would be my number one choice-but anyone would be lucky to have any of these!

  3. Melissa @ The Chocolate Muffin Tree says

    This is great! I know C would love this (and me!) WE play memory the typical by rule way! I like the ideas that Henry came up with though!

  4. Melissa @ The Chocolate Muffin Tree says

    Gosh Jamie! I love all their products! Any book/toy/puzzle with illustrator Charley Harper is a winner with me! His illustrations are wonderful! I would also Love the Imaginary Castle GIant Floor Puzzle by Patrick Hruby. Love the Kid Made Modern Book by Todd Oldham too!

  5. Terri says

    Wow… these are gorgeous! We love to play memory around our house. Sometimes we're a stickler about the rules (playing 1-on-1 with my 4-yr-old, but then we also use the cards in all sorts of ways… my 2-yr-old loves matching games.

  6. Bethany says

    We usually start off playing by the rules, but Memory almost always morphs into something the kids are imagining. I love it when this happens. Like so many other things, this gives me an insight into how their minds work, and I absolutely love that!

  7. Bethany says

    I checked out their website, and absolute love the CHARLEY HARPER FLASH CARDS AND FLOOR PUZZLES set. I would love to have this for my kids!

  8. Jennifer says

    We typically play by the rules, but I always bend them a bit when needed so as to encourage my girls' continued interest in playing the game!

  9. Jennifer says

    I love the Kid Made Modern book on the Ammo Books site. I've actually checked that one out of the library before.

  10. Alisha says

    We play memory by laying one of each card on the floor and then Connor is handed the other card. He then finds the match and lays it on top. Its actually more of a matching game for him. He is quick as a whiz though and is fast outgrowing this method. May have to try a new way to play.

  11. Tina (from FB) says

    My boys, 3 and 4, both have asd, so trying to teach them rules to a game isn't easy. We are working on turn taking right now, and memory is perfect for that:)

  12. Catherine says

    We play Memory by the rules, except I give little kids second chances. :)

    catherinewalker_2000 at yahoo dot com

  13. Suzanne R. says

    I love the Charlie Harper ABC kit. We're really into introducing all venues of self-expression. Love the modernism.

  14. Suzanne R. says

    There are rules to Memory? As an only child, I always played by myself, so I guess I made up my own 'rules!' :)

  15. MaryAnn says

    I work with all kinds of kids on various art topics. I'd love to have this card game and would make great use of it. Thanks for the opportunity!

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