Meet Louis! The Littlest Brother!

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Baby Brother Louis

Meet the littlest brother of them all. Louis.

We are now a family of five, with three boys!

I’m excited and a little scared out of my mind…

Louis arrived on Saturday, November 3rd.

Weighed right in the middle of what the other boys did… 7 pounds, 1 ounce.

And he’s 20 inches long.

The boys came to meet him on Sunday and I’m so thrilled that Henry is as excited as he is about his newest, littlest, brother. George wasn’t too sure that day, but has since been a great help getting things for me to change his diaper and such.

The boys each had a gift to give to Louis at the hospital (and Louis had one for each of them too). Henry gave him a puppy so he had a dog too, like him.

Based on the stats of Louis and the guesses you guys made, I have chosen a winner for the Baby Guessing Contest.

The closest guesser is: Lori Summers

As well as guessing its a boy, she guessed the date correct. Her weight guess was 6 lbs 7 oz and length was very close with 19.5 inches.

Congratulations Lori, I’ll be contacting you to send you your $25 Amazon Gift Card!

Now… onto some baby activities!

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  1. Ines says

    Wellcome! He’s perfect! Such an excitment…
    We have a 2 years-old boy, and a 5 months baby girl. Alice and Sebastian :) I would love to go for a third, but really dont feel like getting pregnant again… still to soon :)
    Love to have you back! We’re a great inspiration for our busy days.

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