"Make it Kid Friendly" Idea: Magnetic Puzzles

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These magnetic puzzles caught my eye right away!
What a fun thing to make for the kids
so they have something to do while getting dinner on the table!

My Kind of Makeover made these for her kids with some cheap puzzles.

While the product is kid-friendly, I’d like to make this a kid-friendly project from the start.
How I’d make this a kid-friendly activity:

  • Simply start with a empty cereal box. Cut out one side of it, so its just a flat piece.
  • Decorate it! Let your kid have fun putting stickers on it, painting it, coloring it, whatever! Make it pretty! (On either side!)
  • Then have your kid cut it up into pieces (maybe draw a few lines on the back for them to follow, if needed). If your child isn’t comfortable with a scissors yet, maybe try ripping it up. This would be good for hand strengthening!
  • Whether you feel comfortable with letting your kids loose with a hot glue gun, or with some guidance (or not at all), glue on magnets (affiliate link) on the backside. Or if you’re patient enough, have your child use white glue and wait for them to dry.
  • Stick them on the fridge and put together your puzzle! Make funny shapes with it, or do it the right way!

*Bonus: Take a small sheet pan ($1 at Walmart or the Dollar Tree) with you on road trips and you have a ‘busy’ activity!

Inspiration can be found in all places! Don’t limit your options to just kid-friendly crafts and art projects that you’ve seen done already. Take a look at adult projects all around, and think to yourself, “How can I tweak that to make it work for my kids?”

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