"Make it Kid Friendly" Idea: Geometric Garland

I found this colorful garland of shapes on Pinterest.
So colorful and bright, I thought this could be turned into a kid project!
Visit Weekday Carnival to buy this gorgeous geometric garland!
I’m not sure what these are made of, or how they’re made, but I can think of a few ways to do this with the kids, and even add some learning into the process!
What can be done to make it a kid-friendly activity:

To make the garland:

  • Glue the shapes onto yarn or a flat ribbon [I think a flat, thin ribbon would work the best]
  • Use a hole punch and punch one [or even two] holes and thread the yarn or ribbon through the holes. [Two holes would get the effect here, one hole, the shapes would just dangle.]
How the kids can learn during this activity:
  • Cutting practice! Draw some geometric shapes on construction or card stock paper [heavier would be better if you want to display these]. Let the kids have a chance to cut them out themselves!
  • Patterning! Pattern by color, or by shape [or both!]! Practice learning patterns.
  • Sorting! Sort colors or sort shapes. Divide them up into piles.
String up your new, kid-made garland, and enjoy!

Inspiration can be found in all places! Don’t limit your options to just kid-friendly crafts and art projects that you’ve seen done already. Take a look at adult projects all around, and think to yourself, “How can I tweak that to make it work for my kids?” 

jamie @ hands on : as we grow
Henry is 3 years. George is 1 year.

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  1. Kristina says

    Beautiful! We made several of these for a recent baby shower. We just used cute cardstock and then sewed it. I have also made similar ones with my kids and we just used shapes, tape, and ribbon. This reminds me that we should do one for V-day with hearts! Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. Diane Clifford says

    My kids are grown and now I have grandkids to watch. Totally different experience. I have time to watch when I watch. The great (my story) wisdom imparted to us matured types has me noticing that kids actually share their thoughts when the two of you are quietly working away, shoulder to shoulder. NOTHING in childhood education could be better than learning to share feelings with a trustd adult. Also, if the watching adult can husband her drives, letting the child create on her own with few interruptions from Grammy builds huge self esteem! Of course, there ARE comments that will truly help keep the project interesting or add to the little one’s store of excellent facts; but for the most part, quelling is smart. One more thing and then I will shut my mouth: a collection of odd recycled bits seems to spark project ideas in the child all by itself. BTW. this necklace/garland is wonderful. I shall try that with our 6 yr old g.daughter Monday!

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