"Make it Kid Friendly" Idea: Fine Motor Hearts

Feeling the love?
Hope so! Valentine’s Day is just around the corner.
We have 60+ bloggers creating a terrific ebook of heart projects!
These hearts caught my eye.
They’re beautiful.
And the clothespins are such a nice touch!
I apologize, but I cannot find the origin of this photo.
I found it via Pinterest and cannot find it on the website that its linked to.
On to the fun stuff now!
How to make this a kid-friendly activity:

Making the hearts can easily be done with the kids.

  • Use contact paper and stick all sorts of stuff to it! [kind of like these shamrocks we did last year.]
  • Materials to use:
    • reds, pinks and white tissue paper
    • even cotton balls ripped up into small pieces [work the little fingers!]
    • colored thread or yarn.
  • Sandwich those in between two pieces of contact paper and cut lots of little hearts out of them! [This will probably need to be done by the adult, because I recall having a hard time cutting out those shamrocks!]
  • Now, take a piece of yarn, or string of some sort, and let the kids clip the string the clothespins on it if they can thread it through that little tiny hole in the clip part. Or just clip them onto the string!
  • Let the child clip onto the hearts!
    • Make patterns if there’s enough variance in the hearts.
    • Or write numbers on them and let it be a countdown to Valentine’s Day! [What fun!]

Inspiration can be found in all places! Don’t limit your options to just kid-friendly crafts and art projects that you’ve seen done already. Take a look at adult projects all around, and think to yourself, “How can I tweak that to make it work for my kids?” 

Want to see more adult projects with suggestions 
on how they can be made kid-friendly?
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Henry is 3 years. George is 1 year.
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