Turn These 15 Outdoor Activities into 15 Fun Indoor Activities for Kids

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We’re all set to have some fun this winter with these fun indoor activities for kids inspired by 15 activities that were actually done outdoors.

So often I see all activities, such as sidewalk chalk activities, outside that you could do inside as well, but we often overlook it because we just think sidewalk chalk… okay, we’ll leave that idea for summertime when we can play outdoors.

Turn these 15 outdoor activities into 15 fun indoor activities for kids!

There’s no reason why we can’t bring some of that fun indoors for the kids to enjoy on these cold days though! Its time to get creative and figure out just how to do this! Here’s some ideas to get us started.

These are all activities that were done outdoors, but they could all easily be brought inside with just a few adjustments that I’ll explain.

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Make these 15 outdoor activities into 10 fun indoor activities for kids:

  1. Scavenger hunt for textures, do it inside! Just because its not nature, doesn’t mean you house isn’t full of textures! Try finding a something soft, smooth, bumpy, grainy, gooey and so on in your home.
  2. Roll down the hills. Okay, maybe not the hills, but see who can roll all the way across a room. I bet its harder to stay straight to get across then they think!
  3. Set up a balance beam in the hallway or room to walk across. If you don’t have a board, a line of tape works well too.
  4. Instead of chalk, tape out a grid of numbers on the floor and make it a maze to count through.
  5. Try practicing pouring water in the bathtub. The kids will love an impromptu bath time!
  6. Tape out a maze on the floor for the kids to drive their cars and trucks through. Or just any kind of track would be fun!
  7. Instead of painting the driveway with water, paint the chalkboard if you have one! Or set out a piece of cardboard to paint with water.
  8. Turn this driveway shape maze from Creative Family Fun into a tape shape maze indoors!
  9. Bring this sidewalk sudoku game from Scribble Doodle Draw inside using tape too.
  10. Take this sidewalk chalk dress up game and make it an indoor activity by tracing the kids onto large pieces of art paper.
  11. So many ways to play with this number line from Childhood Beckons. Just bring it indoors using tape instead of the sidewalk chalk! (Can you tell I like tape?)
  12. Hopscotch has great opportunities for learning, like with sight words from Mom to 2 Posh Lil Divas. You can do that all indoors too, using… none other than tape and some pieces of paper. Just write down what the kids are learning (letters, numbers, shapes, sight words, etc) on the pieces of paper and tape around them onto the floor in the shape of a hopscotch.
  13. Create a face! Instead of using objects from nature, as found on Kids Activities Blog, see what you can find around the house to make a smile! Of course, tape down a big circle on the floor! Or cut out some pieces of paper too. (Not everything has to be huge.)
  14. Do crayon rubbings indoors instead of these outdoor chalk rubbings from Lessons Learnt Journal.
  15. Turn our mud target practice into a bean bag game indoors using some tape for the target and some baggies of rice.

Okay okay, I know you want more tape activities, especially indoor tape activities, right? Here’s 25 indoor learning activities with tape, plus they’re all active ones and I’m sure we all have days when we need those!

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