Lots of Water Activities this Week! Plus more!


[above, left to right, top to bottom]

  1. Henry’s imagination has been in full gear lately with tons of stories. He’s been pretending to drive tractor and go to work, all on our couch.
  2. George got into some water and bubbles! Soapy bubbles are his favorite!
  3. The boys couldn’t get enough of this water activity and could paint the driveway every day!
  4. Since we’ve been all about water this week, It’s Playtime was all about water too! [Growing a Jeweled Rose, shown here, shows how much fun a water pump could be!]
  5. A new toy for the boys! These Switch n’ Go Dinos sparked an interest for dinosaurs, so I found 10 dinosaur activities to dig into!


The weather was gorgeous this week. Dry, but gorgeous. So we’ve been out a lot, and early in the morning. Grandpa came over early one morning and got the boys up in the tree. George loved it, Henry too, even though I think he was slightly nervous being up in the tree!

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    I hear you when it comes to loving the blur, but focusing on the wrong thing a lot. It happens to me all the time! I’m still training myself to remember to check that before I click the shutter button. So much to remember! ISO, shutter speed, aperture setting, exposure compensation, and last but not least – focus. Holy cow! How do the pros do it? lol Love the shot in the tree!

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