Listening Activity with Blocks

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A listening activity was much needed… I hate to admit how bad my kids have been at listening lately.

They totally either tune me out completely or just plain ignoring me unless I’m yelling at them. And I hate that.

Completely hate it.

I figured it was time we actually work on their listening skills with a simple activity.

I intentionally chose to do an activity that they know. It’s not new skills (besides listening itself). It’s not learning something new. I did this so that there wasn’t a question about whether they knew the correct thing to do, instead the question would be if they listened to the directions.

However, this activity would be great for learning colors and beginning counting (just to two), my boys both know those very well so it was not the focus of this activity.

Listening Activity with Blocks

I used our colored blocks (affiliate link) for this with Candy Land cards. The cards had colors that matched up with all of our block colors. Perfect!

(If this isn’t the case for you, you can either make up cards quick that fit whatever you have on hand, or you can just rattle off directions without drawing something. You could also use Legos.)

Listening Activity with Blocks

I drew a card and gave Henry a direction.

Place one red block on the tower.

And then drew another and gave George a turn.

Place two orange blocks on the tower.

Listening Activity with Blocks

The special cards from Candy Land are pink (we don’t have pink blocks) and since they’re ‘special’ cards in Candy Land, I made them special cards for our listening activity. I made these cards a ‘remove a block’ card.

I realized as we went along, I was showing the boys the cards as I told them their directions. Whoops! I stopped doing that since this is a listening activity and we’re trying to get them to listen to the directions I give them as opposed to seeing what they’re supposed to do.

That changed up the game!

Listening Activity with Blocks

Henry listened very well. I know he can when he wants, or needs, to. Very well done.

George… wow… George has some listening skills he needs to work on! When he didn’t listen and I’d repeat the direction, he ended up throwing (his usual) tantrum when something doesn’t go his way. This happened several times and he was put in a timeout to regroup himself.

He came back to the game and played again. He usually caught one part of the direction either the “one” or “two” or it was the color of block that he got right… past that it was merely a guess until I repeated the directions again. This was tough for him. So we’ll be doing more listening activities like this. Probably working the listening part into more of our usual activities.

I knew we had to work on listening… it was getting pretty bad. I’m hoping a few more of these activities will help turn things around.

The trick to this listening activity? I used an activity that I knew would be a hit. BLOCKS!

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  1. Blair says

    I just tried this with lacing beads instead of blocks with my almost-3-year-old daughter. It was fun, and it was a great way to practice her listening skills! Thanks for the activity idea. I think we’ll be doing this again soon.

  2. Jeanette Nyberg says

    I’m loving this activity! We desperately need to work on our listening skills around here. Honestly, we could all use a refresher on listening skills… hm. And look at that awesome blonde hair on your son! Beautiful.

    • says

      Thanks Katherine. I think you’ll see more of these coming (hint: at least one more… since we’ve already did another one…) — but I have a feeling its going to take quite a few more to get the point across to the boys….

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