Letter Scavenger Hunt with Wall Decals for Kids

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With George learning letters and actually retaining them now, we’re all about letters in this house. And Henry is a master at teaching them (just not with this activity… ek!). The kids went on a letter scavenger hunt and then matched them to their cool new tree house wall decal!

You have got to check out these incredible wall decals from our sponsor, Wallzical, that make learning letter not only fun and interactive, but also beautiful in the room (and not permanent! Yahoo!).

We got this Alphabet Searching Tree House from Wallzical.

Wallzical Searching Tree Wall Decal for kids

Wallzical wall decals are going to be a very fun and unique gift to give this holiday season to any of the kids in your life (think nephews, nieces, grandchildren and little cousins).

Brighten up the walls with Wallzical, plus they’re awesome for hands on learning, my kind of product!

From now until the end of the 2013 year, Wallzical is offering a 10% discount on all orders, and a 20% discount when buying 3 or more products (in one order). There’s a lot of different products.

Wallzical - Fun Creative Educational Wall Decals for nurseries and kids' rooms

Our tree house wall decals came with one large tree, so I took care of putting that on the wall with the help of my husband.

But there’s also some extras that George got to help add, like the clouds, sun, birds, and extra flowers and such.

It doesn’t matter where they get stuck, because they’re completely removable (and can be put back to store away too).

Wallzical 'Searching Tree'wall decal for kids

As we were putting it all up, George started noticing all the hidden letters. And then he was on a hunt to find them all.

Henry did the same when he got back from school.

Searching Tree wall decal for kids from Wallzical

Using the Tree House Wall Decal for a Letter Scavenger Hunt!

I set up a scavenger hunt in the house with sticky notes that had all the letters A-Z as well as the numbers 1-10 on them for the boys to find and then match up on the tree house.

We’ve done a similar letter and number scavenger hunt in the past using paper to match the letters to.

Sticky note letter scavenger hunt for kids

Since this scavenger hunt was more about matching the letters onto the tree house, I didn’t hide the sticky notes too much at all. But still spread them around to make it a fun game for the kids.

Find the sticky notes

The boys went on their hunt to find a letter on a sticky note and came back to see where it was on the tree house.

Match the letters on the sticky notes to the searching tree wall decal

That went good for about 3 letters… and then the boys had a meltdown… because Henry wanted to do it all by himself. But George wanted to try too! So we took a break….

George ended up leaving with Dad for a bit, so Henry had a chance to search for the letters himself. Sometimes it just works better that way…

Letter scavenger hunt and match the letters on the tree

Even though Henry does know his letters, the challenge was in finding them on the tree house. I wasn’t about to give him hints or help him out either. It was a great way to challenge him in a different way.

Letter scavenger hunt and match the letters

Since Henry already knows all his letters, this could have been changed up to make it more difficult by putting sight words on the sticky notes and he’d match them up to the beginning letter. But the plan was to make this easy for George… it just didn’t work out that he got to finish the scavenger hunt.

Letter Scavenger Hunt with sticky notes

Check out Wallzical Wall Decals! Don’t forget the deal for the holidays! 10% off any purchase, or 20% off when you buy 3 or more!

Disclosure: This post has been sponsored by Wallzical, all text and opinions are my own.

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