Learning Shapes on It’s Playtime!

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Henry’s first week of school and they’re already learning shapes!

Henry knows the basic shapes, but drawing them, or making them might be a different story. He’s getting much more into it though and I’m loving that he’s trying!

I found some learning activities for shapes on It’s Playtime:

Activities for learning shapes

(above, clockwise from top-left)

  • Timeless Adventures works on fine motor skills while learning shapes with these sticker shapes. Henry’s been doing sticker names this week at school, so shapes would be a cool addition!
  • Laura Ingalls Wannabe put magnets on craft sticks and the shape possibilities are endless!
  • Creative Themes take shape learning to nature and sorts shells by their shape!
  • Craft Mom Share goes 3D and makes 3D geometry shapes with straws and string.

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