Learning Numbers with the ‘What’s Missing?’ Game & Wallzical™ Wall Decals

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I knew we’d find a learning alternative to the ‘What’s Missing’ game we’ve been playing. This is a fun game for preschoolers to learning numbers and all about number recognition.

George is so excited to have this Count On Me octopus wall decal in his bedroom!

You have got to check out these incredible wall decals from our sponsor, Wallzical™, they are all about learning and being interactive, but they’re also gorgeous to look at and have on any wall in your home! They’re so fun!

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Henry, of course, needed to get the Wallzical™ Tree House that we’ve had in the play room moved to his room then so it would be fair. Which is great, all their wall decals are removable, reusable and made of 100% fabric so they don’t rip or tear.

Learning numbers with the 'What's Missing?' game - great for recognizing numbers

Wallzical has an awesome video that really shows how amazing their decals really are. The photos just don’t show the interaction it really has!

Wallzical Education Wall Decal: Count on Me
As you can see the Count On Me decal is all about numbers and counting to five. Which is just what George is working on. He can count to ten, but doesn’t recognize the numbers all yet.

This was the perfect way to practice those! We played a ‘What number is missing?’ game.

We first arranged the numbers on the wall decal to be in numerical order: 1,2,3,4,5 or backwards 3,2,1. We went over the numbers several times counting through them, pointing… and then we played the game.

Remove a number, what one's missing? A fun game for preschoolers learning numbers!

We took turns removing one of the pieces of the wall decal while the other closed their eyes.

When we opened our eyes we’d have to look through the numbers to find what one was missing. And name the missing number.

What number goes here?

This was a little trickier than just a few objects like we’ve been doing.

There are several numbers, and duplicate numbers (there’s three 1s for instance).

So we really had to count through the ‘stacks’ of numbers we had, or find the empty space.

George would still have to count through, with me pointing to the numbers as we went. All in hopes to learning numbers to five, and most importantly recognizing those numbers.

The missing number! A fun game for preschoolers learning numbers!

Our game even kind of ended up being a sort of scavenger hunt! George started it when he removed the number. To hide it from me, he’d go stick it up on another wall in his room and after I guess what was missing, I’d have to find the number to confirm it.

It made it all sorts of fun for both of us!

Of course, just like George always does, the What’s Missing game always ends up removing more than just one of the objects and he tries to hide several. This time he did that with the bubbles of the octopus. He removed all five of them (I had him confirm with me how many of those bubbles were missing!).

Hiding the Wallzical bubbles!

More what for fun learning numbers:

And be sure to check out all the cool Wallzical™ Wall Decals designs that are available!

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Hands on : as we grow readers can get 15% off Wallzical™ with special discount code: HandsOn15 – effective through June 30, 2014.

Disclosure: This post has been sponsored by Wallzical™, all text and opinions are my own.

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    Those are neat! Might have to look into them for my little guys new big boy room.

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    Thanks for all the work you do putting this site together!

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