Toddler Chalkboard Maze for Learning Letters

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George is getting the hang of some, if not most of his letters. But, learning letters seems to come and go with him.

Instead of badgering him to learn more, more, more. I’m in a phase of building his confidence about what he already knows.

I set up a chalkboard maze for him to work on recognizing letters, but also to work on fine motor skills with a little bit of writing (which he’s already awesome at).

Toddler Chalkboard Maze for Learning Letters

I first wrote the same letter over and over, following a grid pattern across the chalkboard to make it the maze to follow. Then I filled in the rest of the spots of the grid with completely random letters.

Learning letters by circling their way through a maze

I circled the first letter ‘H’ and told George to circle the rest of the H’s on the board and see if he cold make it to the end of the maze.

For more learning letters activities, especially for toddlers that are just beginning to learn, try one of the 20 activities for beginner letter learning.

George circled them one after the other. Questioning me at times if he was correct, that if it was indeed an H.Learning letters by circling their way through a maze

Of course George!

Is that simple enough, or what?

A little letter learning. A little writing practice.

Maybe next time we’ll make a little maze on our sidewalk. I think that can be done pretty easily on a nice day!

Another twist would be to do the maze with the squirting letters lineup activity.

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    I love this idea! I’m always looking for fun ways to incorporate letters into play, because if my 4-year-old thinks it something like “learning” she shuts down. However she does love mazes and we’ll be doing this one. We may also try it outside with sidewalk chalk – that way the child can walk through the maze too. Thanks for sharing!

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