20+ Activities to Start Learning Letters

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To continue on our quest to reading, we’re continuing on reviewing (for Henry) and learning letters (for George) right now. They have to know them before reading, right?

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The very first step is to recognize letters. But, I can even put this into three categories:

  1. Simply introducing letters to the child. Maybe telling them what one is here and there. But that’s it. Just having the letters available is the first step.
  2. Matching letters. Maybe they don’t know what the letter is yet, but they can see that they’re different and match up one letter to the same one in another place.
  3. Knowing their letters. I think this is the advanced step for recognizing letters and it comes in stages. I’ve noticed that my kids usually find a few letters that they recognize right off the bat, but the others come along later, sometimes much later.

The beginning of learning their letters…

For the beginning stages of learning letters, I’m focusing entirely on numbers 1 and 2 with George. Number 3 will come in time and we’ll get to that when we do. Right now… We’re making sure letters are available to him and we use them in many of our activities, whether we’re really learning them or not. They’re there. He often asks me what it is, and this is my time to share with him and teach him. Otherwise I don’t try to push the letters. Its just time to show him that there are letters and that each letter is different.

We’ve done this in several of our learning activities already, but we’ll be doing more all summer long. I’ve collected some of the activities we’ve done along with a few others I’ve found that I want to try out to help George learn his letters.

20+ activities for beginner letter learning

20 letter learning activities for kids just beginning to learn their letters.

The very beginning. Focusing on introducing letters and matching up letters.

Learning letters, here we come!

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  1. says

    I always enjoy your activities, but I think the the letter pounding in particular is a stroke of sheer brilliance! I’ve used it with sight words (ie pound the peg into the sight word) since seeing your original post and the glee on my son’s face as he hammers is always hilarious.

  2. Kristin says

    I like this post and what your blog is about, but are you aware of the advertisement appearing at the bottom of the page? A youtube video frame that looks like a zombie attacking a young man in a car…Just thought I’d let you know because I would want to know if an ad on my page were that awful! Sorry :(

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