Fine Motor Activity: Cutting Straws

As a learning activity to help Henry learn to use a scissors better, I set out the above items on his play table during his nap.

It includes straws, Magic Loops [plastic strings], and a pair of child scissors.

I really didn’t expect Henry to be as excited as he was when he woke from his nap to find this bowl.

He began snipping right away.
He struggles quite a bit with the scissors, but did manage to cut up quite a few straws!

I’m not sure what kind of cutting skills to expect of a three year old.
[The day care he goes to one morning of the week kind of gave me the impression he needed to work on it. Any thoughts?]

I know his main problem is how to hold the scissors.
He always holds it upside down.

I usually try one time to show him how to hold it correctly
He refuses to do it that way and goes on the way always does.
He still snipped a lot of straws and really enjoyed doing it though!

I intended for Henry to practice threading the cut straws onto the Magic Loops. That never did happen.
Instead, Henry had his own plans for the Magic Loops.

I don’t think an activity would be complete without adding a machine to the mix.

Over the two days of cutting straws, Henry ‘decorated’ his combine [his words, not mine] with the Magic Loops and combined the straws his snipped!

Henry is 3 years old.


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