Letter Learning Activity with the ABC Mat!

Letter Learning Activity with the ABC Mat!

Using an ABC Mat and ABC Blocks, a letter learning activity is formed!

Letting Henry lead the way, we put the ABC mat together in order of the ABC’s and 123’s.

He used his hammer to pound in each of the letters to their corresponding blocks.

Once the mat was together, we gathered our Melissa and Doug ABC blocks and drew one block at a time.

On each side of the blocks, there are pictures of objects. After choosing a block, Henry chose an object to act out. He acted out the object as he found one of the letters from the block on the mat.

It was such a fun letter learning activity that focused on something other than the letters! It was kind of a hidden learning activity for Henry!
Letter Learning Activity with the ABC Mat!

From flying like airplanes and birds to crawling slowly like a turtle, Henry placed all the blocks on their corresponding letter of the ABC mat.

To add more learning:

Some blocks have numbers. Henry pounded those blocks with his hammer the corresponding number of times. Counting as he hit them.

Letter Learning Activity with the ABC Mat!

I got in on the action too! Munching on a carrot to squawking like a monkey.

Henry drew the blocks for me and chose what I had to do.

Letter Learning Activity with the ABC Mat!

A simple and active game that can be varied to each child’s level, as well as varying it up to create interest time and again.

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Do you have a toy that is multi-purposed for lots of learning?


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  1. Amanda @ Gratefully Growing in Grace says

    This is a fantastic activity! I like how you incorporated movement into it.

  2. Debbie says

    I can just envision the two of you acting/playing charades and creating movement to go with this activity. Three cheers.

  3. Cathy James says

    I love this too. You have great ideas for active kids. Who says you need to sit down still to learn the alphabet?

  4. Aimee from Classified: Mom says

    That is a great way to make a game out of ordinary toys! Awesome ;-) Thank you so much for sharing this on The Sunday Showcase, please make sure to stop back each week!


  5. Ann Foster says

    Hi Jamie,
    What a great idea……. I would never have thought of doing this…..my Prep class will love it.
    Thank you,

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