Laundry. Is there a Light at the End of the Tunnel?

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What do you like about doing laundry?

Really? Did I just ask that?

(Okay, my excuse it that I have some big news…. but just hold on…)

Shall I rephrase?

What do you not like about doing laundry?

…. there come the answers.

I asked this on Facebook earlier this week and was flooded with responses. Apparently, no one likes to put the clothes away! For me, its folding them…. I just put it off and put it off. And yes, all my clothes end up wrinkly because of it (and nope, I don’t iron them either).

Oh… and it never stops. Once I’m done, it’s already piled up to do it again.

Could my boys have anything to do with that?

#MaytagMoms washer and dryer laundry. It never stops.

How about another question. What do you like about your current washer and dryer?

Hm. Well I don’t have to clean my clothes by hand I guess would be my answer.

Another rephrase.

What do you not like about your washer and dryer?

My first one’s a vain answer. But I hate that they’re not a matching set. My dryer is an el cheapo one that my husband got right out of college. And my washer I got when I got out of college thinking I was splurging getting a front loader and it would last me forever.


My washer is not even a decade old (which is probably forever in terms of an appliance) and rarely gets through an entire cycle without stopping and beeping at me mid-cycle. Often leaving me with a tub of wet, soggy (and yes, musty smelling) clothes that end up needing to be re-washed from the beginning.

I often never hear that beeping until way after the fact which really makes my laundry day take forever and usually turns into a couple day affair. (I mentioned before a tip for doing laundry is to jam pack it all into one day of the week to free up the rest of your week, and I really like doing that, but some times my washer makes it very hard for me!)

Turns out, I really don’t like the front load either! I am constantly on my knees or sitting on the floor when doing laundry. That’s gotta stop!

My dryer, well I can’t say its my dryer’s fault except that its the venting’s fault. My dryer vent for some odd reason or another goes out of the house and through the entire garage roof before actually venting out. So it often gets stuck and doesn’t dry worth a toot. Often causing me to re-dry several times until I can get my husband to fix the problem.

So that’s what I don’t like.

Another question. (I’m full of them today I guess)

What would you like to have in a new washer and dryer?

  • Something that gets my clothes clean, obviously.
  • Something that’s quick and does it right the first time.
  • Something that doesn’t make them stink.

That’s about it. Is that asking for too much? I wouldn’t think so.

So guess what.

I have humongous news.

That’s right. Humongous.

Maytag and Mom Central have chosen me as one of the #MaytagMoms this year.

What does that mean?

I get to try out a brand spankin’ new washer and dryer from Maytag! Their Bravos XL model. I get to test drive it and let you know all the goods and bads of it!

Do you think the Maytag will overcome all my laundry woes?

I doubt it folds clothes. But if it can do the rest, I’ll be one happy camper.

Over the next few months I’ll be updating you with my test drive.

Now, I want to make this useful for you. So pop me a few questions of what you want me to check out for you.

How would you like me to put the Maytag Bravos XL through your rigid appliance testing?

I wrote this post participating in an Maytag Moms Dependable Laundry Ambassador program by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Maytag. I was provided with the Maytag washer and dryer set to facilitate my post.

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  1. says

    Jamie….that is fabulous…you totally deserve it! You are destined for great things….more will be coming your way, I’m sure! I love Maytag…we have a Maytag dishwasher and oven and they work wonderfully! I would love a Maytag washer and Dryer! There is no doubt in my mind that they will be great products.

    • Jamie says

      Oh thanks Melissa. I love Maytag because they’re Iowa made :) (at least they were at one point… not sure if they still are or not… gotta research that!) — I’m so excited!

  2. says

    Congrats! When I was pregnant with our first son, we didn’t have a washer and dryer, and my mom insisted on giving us a set. I thought she was nuts. No, I realize she was brilliant!! So necessary – I use a clothesline, too, though, and love how well that works in the Cali sun! However, I don’t have a dishwasher, so if there’s a Maytag competition for that, please let me know!!

    • Jamie says

      No washer and dryer? Oh my goodness. I don’t think I could do it. Just the trips to the laundromat would take it out of me. We did go without a dryer for awhile and I do love freshly hung clothes. But my w/d is now on the 2nd floor so I don’t lug the laundry downstairs anymore.

  3. Jackie @ Happy Hooligans says

    Wow, Jamie! What fantastic news! Congratulations!! And yes!! Tell your husband that’s the power of the Universe! “Thoughts become things”. Make it your mantra. lol
    I didn’t realize you’d gone to one day a week laundry too! Isn’t it the best? Ok, that day itself, isn’t exactly the best day ever, but the other 6 are soooo much better without laundry cluttering them up. :)

    • Jamie says

      I like that mantra! :)

      I did start the once a week laundry because of YOU! I do love it, but it seems to rarely work here because of my washer…. can’t wait to try it with the new one. It’ll be a breeze then, right?! :)

      • Jackie @ Happy Hooligans says

        Heehee! I remember sharing the one day/week thing with you ages ago when you asked your readers about laundry! I hopw you love it when you really get going with it!

  4. Jen@Plain Vanilla Mom says

    Wow! That’s awesome! Can’t wait to hear how you like it! I’m sure it will be fabulous. I want to know how much the XL size cuts down on the number of loads you have to do!! I would LOVE less loads of laundry :) Congrats!

  5. says

    Great things happen to those that keep going and walk the extra mile… :-)
    You definitely are one of those, Jamie! Congratulations. This is huge!
    Laundery – yes, that’s a monster I live with as well….! The folding part is more cumbersome to me than the washing…. I hate folding the pile…
    I need a washing machine fix too. Hate the one I have …
    The worst thing I like about clothes washed in my machine are the stubborn wrinkles/creases! Gosh, they need full-on ironing to become crease-free.

  6. Didi says

    Wow Jamie that is amazing! I am so with you on the folding thing. My family embraces the wrinkled look, and I don’t even own an iron. Our machine seems to struggle with sticky stuff. I always have to wash things with jam, pine pitch, and the like at least twice through. I’d love to see how the Maytag does with a pile of sticky laundry! Have a sticky sensory party, get the kids good and messy, and show us what that machine is made of. :)

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