Monsters with big eyes

How Sebastiao made this art: We used opaque watercolor, straws, to blow the paint, and then print, cut and glued the eyes


Neon Feet

How Gregory made this art: Greg had a little help. He used his feet and hands to create a pretty painting. We put his feet and hands in Neon Paint and pushed it on black construction paper.


Stars, sail, and Air

How Allison made this art: Allie took cookie cutters in the shape of vehicles, pushed them in Neon paint, and placed them on black construction paper. Not only did she work on her gross motor skills, she also talked about colors and how these modes of transportation move. learning while playing is super fun!


Neon Cars

How Samantha made this art: Sam used cookie cutters and neon paint to create a bright painting. We used cars, airplanes, vans, and stars to create images. During the painting we talked about colors and what each mode of transportation does. Learning while playing is the best!


anchor of many colors

How Adora Clark made this art: She used construction paper, stencil, washable paint, and foam paint brush. Mommy held the stencil still for her and she had a blast!!!


Butterfly Frenzy

How Finn & Casey Allan made this art: Made is with painting and rubbing. Then used glue to stick some colourful charms on, when it was all dry we painted it with glitter glue. Lastly we added some pipe cleaner feelers.


Summer Fun

How “D” made this art: Decide on a theme, Cut out pics from magazines, then Glue images to a peice of paper (clear cover optional)


A Little bit of Everything!

How Sam and Claire made this art: Claire used some homemade finger paints. Sam started out with assorted bug stamps and finished with every sticker he could peel off.


“Mom & Dad” T.P. Roll People

How Kaiden made this art: Kaiden had lots of fun making T.P. roll people He named them “mom & dad” & enjoyed singing “mommy & daddy sitting in a tree K-I-S-S-I-N-G!” He used felt, markers, TP roll, glue & yarn. Thanks for letting us be a part of the exchange!


Toy painting

How Christopher Reiner made this art: Christopher used different toys to paint with,? Some of the toys used were; Dino’s, Lego, truck tires, a train,…