Drawing on the Floor Kids Art! Super Simple Art Project

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I like simple ways to create art. And I love it when my kids like it too.

This art project was started by receiving an art project in the mail from the Kids Art Exchange.

It was a Starry Night drawing. As the kids opened it, I heard my husband tell Henry to ask me to look up Starry Night on the computer so he could see what it was.

I did and showed it to Henry.

One simple question: “Would you like to draw Starry Night too?”

And we were off! I printed off an image of Starry Night.

I set the boys both up to draw their own Starry Nights. And this is why it was fun:

Drawing on the Floor Kids Art!

I put it on the floor.

I asked if they wanted big pieces of paper to draw on… of course! So I got out the art/butcher paper that we use and asked them how big. And they both showed me rather small pieces of paper…. which I was shocked by!

I asked if they’d like it on the floor or on the table… of course, on the floor!

They absolutely loved drawing on the floor!

Henry really got into what the Starry Night looked like and what each piece of it was.

He didn’t get as much into drawing the art the same how it really looked, but he did notice a lot of the details. Such as the buildings at the bottom of the drawing and the subtle colors throughout the art. Pointing out specs of green.

Drawing on the Floor Kids Art!

George just had a blast drawing on the floor and made a monster with lots of teeth.

So that’s my super simple art project for kids. Just put it on the floor. Or somewhere other than on the table. Find an odd place to make art.

Next up on our art project to do list is to do one under the table or a chair and have them draw upside down! I don’t know how much drawing will actually get done, but I can guarantee there will be a lot of giggles!

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