The Button Tree

How Ellah Aria Stewart made this art: We gathered twigs on a walk..placed them on butcher paper..crushed colored tissue paper..glued it on for leaves..painted construction paper..front and back then cut small/med/large circles..crushed and crumpled them really well..glued one inside another and put a button in the center and glued them all around for added effect


Leaf imprints

How Annalise made this art: We went on a little adventure to find the perfect leaf to paint. After that we painted the leaf with all the colors we had!!! Then with Mommy’s help we turned the leaf over and pressed on the leaf to pick up all the details. Then the best part, we […]


Marble art

How Annalise made this art: I put a piece of paper in a cake pan. put a few dollops of paint on the paper. Added a few marbles. And I let her move the pan around so she could make the marbles roll. She loved this!!!


dot dot dot

How Gatlin made this art: paint on paper


a girl

How Mallory made this art: paint on paper

Rain Art

Rain Art

Henry made this art by: I drew on art paper with chalk pastels and then let it sit out in the rain to blend all the colors!