Summer Fun

How “D” made this art: Decide on a theme, Cut out pics from magazines, then Glue images to a peice of paper (clear cover optional)


A Little bit of Everything!

How Sam and Claire made this art: Claire used some homemade finger paints. Sam started out with assorted bug stamps and finished with every sticker he could peel off.


“Mom & Dad” T.P. Roll People

How Kaiden made this art: Kaiden had lots of fun making T.P. roll people He named them “mom & dad” & enjoyed singing “mommy & daddy sitting in a tree K-I-S-S-I-N-G!” He used felt, markers, TP roll, glue & yarn. Thanks for letting us be a part of the exchange!


Toy painting

How Christopher Reiner made this art: Christopher used different toys to paint with,? Some of the toys used were; Dino’s, Lego, truck tires, a train,…


Maple leaf rubbing

How Alyson Reiner made this art: Alyson was picking the fallen leaves on a walk, so we decided to make leaf impressions! Put the leaf under a piece of paper and rub over it with the side of a crayon.


The Trucks

How Michael made this art: “With crayons and that’s all.”


Dark VS Light

How Madison made this art: “I thought of Star Wars, because of George . Because he likes Star Wars and the end will go good.”


Apple Tree

How Cher Ru TAN made this art: She uses the technique of using the paint brush and just dapping the paints on to the paper.



How Ellah Aria Stewart made this art: Just a little paint and a lot of imagination