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How do you feel about introducing your preschooler to technology?

I think technology is a necessity. While I don’t want Henry to sit in front of a video game all day, I do believe that technology rules this world and will only be more so as our children grow up in it.

I’ve let Henry use the computer now and then. Practicing typing on the keyboard to learn the letter placements. He gets a kick out of it and he’s learning in the process. The mouse is a little tricky for him yet, but I’m sure he’ll grasp that soon enough.

Just recently I’ve been coming across more and more iPhone/iPad apps geared towards preschoolers. I have yet to try any on Henry, though I’ve downloaded a few. We have the iTouch and I think it might be too small for Henry to start with (an iPad would be awesome for him to learn on.)

A few iPad/iPhone apps that I’ve seen that have been talked about around the blog world.

Above: Apps for Toddlers at Working on a Project

Get downloading. Oh wait, first win the iPad! We have an iPad giveaway here, right now!

This Giveaway is CLOSED.

I’m so excited to join 35 other bloggers to give one of our readers an iPad (or $500 PayPal Cash). Read on for details.

And we’ve set up a super simple form for you to enter. You have SO MANY opportunities to enter, its unreal (I’m pretty sure there’s well over 100…) so get clicking!

iPad Giveaway Rules:

  • Contest is open from Oct 3-Oct 24. Winner will be announced
  • Mandatory entries are to follow the sponsoring bloggers through GFC.
  • Then you can ‘like’ them each on Facebook, or ‘follow’ on Twitter for extra entries (they’re groups together for super easy entry)!
    • You can easily ‘Like’ all the Facebook pages over at and come back here to say you did it.
    • Same with twitter – head over to 7onaShoestring to follow all the twitterers and come back to say you did it.
  • You can also tweet about the giveaway (once per day) for additional entries!

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  1. turkeydoodles says

    Wow, that is just too much work to enter. Good luck, though!

    My three year old loves Angry birds (2D physic simulation) and Alchemy (logic, science, reading). They don't have to be made FOR kids for kids to be able to get a lot out of them. Not to mention, he LOVES getting to show Mommy how to beat frustrating levels in Angry Birds!

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