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We’ve already been in summer mode for almost a month now. And I made a rule to myself to make sure we stick to our school schedule of getting out the door by 8 or 8:30 every morning. Just so we don’t find ourselves trapped inside all day in our PJs.

So far, we’ve done pretty well with this and it usually takes us for a walk first thing in the morning. Then we head back home and play outside for a while.

But not only do I want to make sure we don’t get lazy, I want to make sure Henry’s still on ‘top of his game’ come the new year. I’m not a crazy mom that thinks my kid needs to be the best, I just think I’d rather keep him moving forward than backwards, right?

We still do our activities as we always do. But I’m promising myself, right here (you can vouch for me, right?) that I’m going to do an intentional learning activity each week as well.

And because reading is so incredibly important for kids, I am also joining the MeMeTales Readathon! And I’d really like it if you’d join me, since this is something we can do together.

Moving forward through the summer, doing learning activities and joining the Readathon #readforgood

MeMeTales, as well as PBSKids, are launching the Readathon tomorrow (June 18) and it goes for 6 weeks.

On Memetales - Check out the Readathon Books #readforgood

Here’s how its gonna work:

  • Each of the 6 weeks, MeMeTales will release a book that you’re able to ‘check out’ for the week for free.
  • The books will go along with the weekly themes. (Read more about the themes at MeMeTales.)
  • You can read the books on an app or on the MeMeTales website.
  • Every week there will be several bloggers doing activities that go with the weekly theme that you can use to extend the book. These will be shared on MeMeTales’ Facebook and Pinterest Boards

MeMeTales will also offer a curriculum package each week for activity extensions for the theme, exclusively to Readathon participants!

Readathon Curriculum Sample #readforgood

What do we need to do?

Moving forward through the summer, doing learning activities and joining the Readathon #readforgood

And that’s it! Really, just read with your kids! Reading is so great to do with your kids anyway, so during the summer months when it’s so easy to let it go, make a vow to keep at it.

Oh! And for every single child that signs up for the Readathon, MeMeTales is teaming up with to send a hungry child to school for a day! Incredible!

Time to sign up! Go!

How will you help keep your kids
moving forward through the summer months?

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    Jamie will you please email me: [email protected]. I would like to include your “I’m Proud to be a Kid Friendly Blog” Pinterest address in Katie and my “The Happy Mommy Handbook” (a book for moms of preschoolers about learning thro play) – and would like to put your blog link in it. Is that all right? We are almost finished and it should be available soon. You’re the rock star techno person and it’s a way to thank you for all your help. Plus your blog is fabulous.

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