Johnson’s Natural: A Snuggle for the Kids

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Don’t you love that fresh baby smell?
We do.
Well, what I consider that fresh baby smell is Johnson’s baby lotion.
The pink stuff.

Mmmm. Love it!
My husband and I even use it regularly.
Not just for the kids.
(He also uses the shampoo and baby wash too! And swears by it!)

So, when I got the chance to try out Johnson’s Natural line, I was super excited!
Johnson’s is a staple brand in our home, we absolutely love everything we’ve ever tried of theirs.

johnson's natural review

Our samples that we received came at a perfect timing. George had been having a runny nose. So bad that his nose had been cracking and bleeding a little. When we got the sample, we tried the Johnson’s Natural Baby Lotion on it. It was the one thing he let us touch his nose with. It soothed it completely. And soon enough it was healed up and back to normal. So glad to have that!

But, my favorite part of the line? Their directions for using the products always end in a snuggle.
Who can resist a snuggle with a Johnson’s squeaky clean baby?
Here’s what I like, or don’t like, of the Johnson’s Natural line:

Johnson’s Natural Baby Lotion: Absolutely love. Silky smooth lotion. A different smell then the ‘pink’ baby lotion we’re used to. Doesn’t quite have the same baby smell to it. But I think its refreshingly ‘natural’. It really does have some kind of natural smell to it, and its not overwhelming. On the other hand, my husband didn’t care for the smell as much. He said it wasn’t bad… just not the same as the regular stuff we’re used to (he really doesn’t like change).

Johnson’s Natural Head-to-Toe Foaming Baby Wash: I didn’t care for this one. Sorry Johnson’s! The foaming action didn’t work very well for us, we had to squirt it dozens of time for a bath for the kids. And it doesn’t bubble up well. However, this isn’t a bubble bath, its a baby wash, and it does leave the kids squeaky clean as always.

Johnson’s Natural Baby Shampoo: Same as the Baby Lotion. Love it, just a different smell.

Overall Bonus! Johnson’s Natural is 98% natural! Holy cow! If that isn’t an incentive to use it on the kid, I’m not sure what else is. How many times do you hear moms talking about how worried they are about toxins and what their kids put in their mouths. No worries with Johnson’s Natural! It’s a relief for me at least!

While I don’t make monumental efforts to be the most natural mother for our family. I do try to make small decisions that are quick and easy ways become more natural, such as making scratch recipes instead of buying products from the store full of preservatives. I also cut back on store bought cleaning chemicals and use vinegar and baking soda regularly.
Who can resist a brand that’s always been a staple,
that’s now gone natural?
I’m ready for a snuggle with the kids.

What simple changes have you made to be more natural?

More awesome news: Johnson’s Natural line just won the 2012 Better Homes and Gardens Best New Product Award! Why don’t you head over to their Facebook page and tell them congratulations on the award!

Disclaimer: I wrote this review while participating in a campaign by MomCentral Consulting on behalf of Johnson’s Natural and received a product sample to facilitate my review, and a promotional item to thank me for participating.

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