It’s Playtime! : Feet & Hand Prints

Last week on It’s Playtime, I noticed a lot of hand and foot action you guys have been having! But before we get into our playdate, I wanted to share that I found out earlier this week that hands on : as we grow has been nominated as the ‘Best Craft for Kids Blog’ on![!!!!!] […]


It’s Playtime! : Favorite Play Posts

The Best of It’s Playtime! Your favorite ways to play from last week’s It’s Playtime! These playful posts had the most people that checked them out or the ones you ‘Liked’ the most. COOL Ice Art at Mom to 2 Posh Lil Divas Mom to 2 Posh Lil Divas had one popular post last week! This […]

It’s Playtime : Play Resources

I love a good round up of activities, art or crafts. A place where I can find a lot of play resources in one spot and go from there. [This also often introduces me to new blogs that I’ve never seen.] I do a round up each month on the topic I find most compelling […]

It’s Playtime! : Beat the Heat

I realize that we’re not the only people going through a heat wave these past few weeks. I’ve noticed in many posts linked up to It’s Playtime lately, especially last week, that my playdate pals have found creative ways to beat the heat too! [Come Together Kids, using the heat like an oven to melt crayons: Hot […]


It’s Playtime! : Fine Motor Skills

Gross motor skills, Henry has down. He was an early walker, and always ahead of the curve for all the big milestones. Those tedious fine motor skills though, Henry has a little trouble with. Henry’s not the most patient little boy, so sneaking in some practice can sometimes be tricky. We have found a few […]

It’s Playtime! : Paper Play

Last week on It’s Playtime, I featured all about colors. This week, its all about paper. Sometime to do with both paper and colors: A Color Collage! I’m over at Mama Pea Pod today sharing about this fun learning activity! As for some play ideas with paper? My play pals punch, fold, rip, glue and […]

It’s Playtime! : Colors

Henry has learned his colors long ago. He has also learned the different shades of green, blue, pink, purple and other colors. We’re just learning what happens when you mix two colors together. [I do think he has what blue and yellow make together figured out though!] There are lots of fun ways to implement learning about […]


It’s Playtime! : Playing Favorites

The Best of It’s Playtime!   The posts that you liked the best, by heading over to their blogs or liking them on the linky. These are your favorite play posts: Jada Roo Can Do’s camping sensory bin! With rice, noodles, pine cones and so much more… Sensory galore! Spaghetti Towers! Practice patterning and giving those […]

It’s Playtime! : Animals

Animals. Cow. Learning animal names. Moo. Learning animal sounds. Its a big part of the beginning stages of talking for a toddler. Flying. Learning animal movements. Nests. Learning animal habitats. For a preschooler, animals become part of their world. This week, Kate at An Amazing Child is celebrating Eric Carle. We checked out a few […]


It’s Playtime : Just Art

Painting is an obvious form of art. There are also many different ways to paint. But, what about other ways to make art, without paint? Using fabric scraps to make a collage like Tinkerlab is an artform that can be expanded upon to make even more art masterpieces! Art for Little Hands creates a piece […]