It’s Playtime! : Sorting

I’m ecstatic with the response for the 30 Days to Hands on Play Challenge that I’m doing with The Imagination Tree. For Day 3, Anna’s challenging you with some Block Building! Back to It’s Playtime though… I was overwhelmed with the amount of Halloween activities you guys do! I thought we were busy being spooky […]


It’s Playtime! : Get Moving this Fall

I know it’s almost Halloween and I should be featuring all the great Halloween ideas that have been linked up. You can check out previous It’s Playtime Halloween features on Googly Eyes and A Spooky Halloween. This week, I’m thinking about what to do to get the kids moving yet this fall before it gets […]

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It’s Playtime! : Creative Fun Art

Some creative and fun art that’s sure to brighten everyone’s day! The colorful art I found on It’s Playtime brought a smile on my face, so I hope it does to you too! Take a look at the beautiful kid’s creations! [Brick Wall Painting at Make and Play] Our house is brick, but I can’t […]

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It’s Playtime! : Autumn Leaves

Henry and I have been gathering leaves and other nature items on our walks each day. In hopes to make or do something exciting with them. Not really sure what yet. But we’re collecting them in the meantime. Autumn is in full swing here in Iowa and so is It’s Playtime! Your autumn posts are […]


It’s Playtime! : Happy Birthday George!

Happy Birthday George! You’re 1 year old today! A celebration to you here on It’s Playtime! A virtual birthday party from some of our playdate friends! So happy to see that someone brought the cake and cupcakes to the party! Thanks to Create with your Hands for bringing the play dough cake and the pom pom mini cupcakes were […]

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It’s Playtime! : Play for Boys

Now to be fair and unbiased, there are many ways to play that both boys and girls like. And dressing up and art are for the boys, too. But there are some things that every boy loves. Cars, vehicles, dirt, to name a few. I’m always on the lookout for things to do with boys. […]


It’s Playtime! : Preschooler Games

As a child I loved games! Maybe its the competitive part of me. I loved [and still do] a challenge. I hope [to a certain extent at least] my kids have this same competitive drive throughout childhood and into adulthood. Games that are age appropriate for a preschooler are sometimes hard to come by. To […]

It’s Playtime! : The Areas of Play

In yesterday’s post, P is for Play, I went through a few of the ways I look at play, and how I believe it is an important part of learning for a young child. Luckily enough, I find inspiration for all kinds of ways to play every week from It’s Playtime! [Yay Playtimers!] Here are your […]


It’s Playtime! : Energy Busters

I have lately felt the itch to get moving.To get Henry and George moving, more specifically. I noticed that we haven’t been doing as many energetic activities as we were prior to the summer. Being outdoors all day does get the kids moving. I looked through last week’s It’s Playtime for inspiration to get the […]