8 Father’s Day Activities for Kids to Do For Dad

Its Father’s Day this Sunday and we’re all set. Well almost. I gotta grab a couple things yet myself, but the kids have made their gift for Dad. Have yours? Maybe you need some quick inspiration. B Inspired Mama has a list of 10 things that the kids can do for dad. And I’m sharing […]

Best Activities of It's Playtime

The Best from It’s Playtime!

I haven’t looked at the stats of It’s Playtime in a while, so I thought it might be time for a selection of the best of last week’s It’s Playtime link up party. You guys always bring brilliant ideas and the ones that always stand out always get lots of love from readers clicking through, […]

Vehicle Play on It's Playtime

“Things that Go” on It’s Playtime!

So, it turns out you guys are vehicle lovers too! We are in this house! And I collected 35 Activities for Things that Go, just so I’d have something handy to go to when I really need an activity the boys will really like and keep busy with. These are four brilliant vehicle activities that […]

Water Activities on It's Playtime!

6 Water Activities on It’s Playtime!

This week we’ve gotten into water a little bit since its been nicer weather here again. George played with water and soap and made lots and lots of bubbles. And the boys both got into painting the driveway with water. Both activities were big hits, but then again, water always is. Since water is always […]

2012 Playtime31

Learning Colors on It’s Playtime!

Need fun ways to learn some colors with the kids? We’ve done a few color learning activities… A colorful rainbow hunt for toys Sorting crayons by color Color sorting paper collage [guest post at Mama Pea Pod] Here’s a few more ideas from It’s Playtime! Above, clockwise from top-left: Carrots are Orange marked some clothespins […]

Children's Books Activities

Children’s Books Activities on It’s Playtime!

Since this week is Children’s Book Week, I thought I’d share a few book inspired activities that were shared on It’s Playtime! We are book lovers in this house, I’m just no good at putting activities together with the book. So, hopefully these will inspire me a little, too. First, I just wanted to mention […]

Scavenger Hunts

Go on a Scavenger Hunt!

As I mentioned earlier this week in the Letter and Number Scavenger Hunt, we do hunts quite frequently around here. There’s so many ways to do it that they never get old. Just to name a few ways that we’ve done them: Indoor String Scavenger Hunt Toy hunt by Colors Outdoor Scavenger Hunt But that’s […]


Activities from the Kitchen: It’s Playtime!

There’s lots of activity ideas that come right from your kitchen. These are my favorite, because they’re always something I’m going to have on hand and don’t have to go out and buy just for this one activity. And if you don’t have exactly what the activity calls for, replacements are usually pretty easy to find. […]

Busy Play Activities for Kids

Busy Play on It’s Playtime!

After listing a bunch of toddler activities yesterday, I realized busy play is really good for them. Where it just opens up the door to exploration of materials or a new concept for them. Plus busy play has its advantages for the parent! It keeps them occupied while you can get something done [like laundry […]

Learning the ABCs

ABCs and Beyond on It’s Playtime!

Learning the ABCs are such a gigantic step for a preschooler! At least it was for me when Henry first recognized the letter M. After that, they fell into place really quickly! First there’s upper case letters, then lower case letters…. then its onto sounds [or sometimes sounds come before recognizing the letters]. And then […]