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Games to Play! It’s Playtime!

Its game time! Of course there are board games that we love and are tried and true: Memory Candy Land Chutes and Ladders Ants in the Pants Games Don’t Break the Ice   But there’s also games to really get the whole child involved! I love these homemade games that I found on It’s Playtime […]

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Drawing & Mark Making on It’s Playtime!

Since I’m so beyond proud and excited about Henry making his first real drawing with sidewalk chalk, I’m going to keep celebrating it with some drawings I found on It’s Playtime last week. A few ways to get the kids excited to draw and even write stories! I love these ideas from these creative bloggers! […]

Learning time in the Preschool Class

Preschool Class on It’s Playtime

Since I’m sort of celebrating getting back into the groove of school, and refreshing the Henry’s memory of things he has learned, this week, I’m going to pretend today’s a day of preschool on It’s Playtime! This week I’ve already shared 50 Ways to Learn the ABCs and 40 Math Activities for Preschoolers. Tomorrow will […]

Olympic Crafts for Kids

Olympic Crafts on It’s Playtime!

It’s the Olympics! I love the Olympics. The competitiveness, the strength, and athletes achieving their dreams. It’s really amazing to see what they can do! The boys had a little race with fabric scraps and straws, which gave us a chance to discuss the meaning of words behind winning and losing. It seems that there’s […]

Cultural Activities for Kids on It's Playtime

Cultural Activities for Kids on It’s Playtime

Let’s explore the world! Do you travel? We do, but it has always been in just the states. I have yet to jump an ocean to explore a faraway land myself, so my kids haven’t had the chance at all. But there’s way to help the kids [as well as myself] be globally aware and […]


It’s Playtime! Love the Earth

Upcycling isn’t new to us in this house at all. We save almost anything that comes through this door in the hopes to somehow use it in an upcoming activity [even though it drives my husband insane]. But a lot has come in handy and plus it shows the boys how to reuse many common […]

Activities to encourage kids imaginations!

It’s Playtime is Full of Imagination!

What is a tool that you think best sparks a child’s imagination? The cardboard box? Paint? How about dress up clothes? or reading books? This week’s theme on the Readathon is Imagination and I’ve found so many brilliant ideas and resources to help encourage your child’s imagination! For example, Playdough to Plato has 9 simple […]

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A Positive Look at It’s Playtime!

Building character with positive behavior is what Week 3 of the Readathon is all about. Check out the books that are available this week for free: Ditto the Butterfly StickFiggy & the Piggy Monkey Good Habits to Have Just like with learning anything, there’s opportunities to teach positive behavior to your child in almost any […]


Making Friends on It’s Playtime!

Henry and Blue Dog are best friends. They have been for quite some time now. It makes me wonder how long he’ll keep his stuffed animal friend… Even though Blue is just a stuffed animal, he gets treated like a real friend. Blue is sad if I don’t say goodnight to him. Blue gets excited […]

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Animal Activities on It’s Playtime!

In keeping with the animal theme of the Readathon, I thought I’d share some fun activities that are animal based that can be used as activity extensions for the animal books you’re reading! The books that are available from MeMeTales free to check out this week are ‘Five Little Ducklings’ and ‘The Donkey and the […]