I'm enjoying baby right now!

Just Play on It’s Playtime!

I’m on baby break! Can you blame me with these three cuties?   So, I’m going to let you all just browse and play this week! [Meet Louis, the littlest brother, if you haven’t met him yet!] Check out what my co-hosts are featuring this week for the highlights! The Imagination Tree Kids Activities Blog […]

8 Intentional Learning Activities for Kids

8 Intentional Learning Activities

We mostly like to incorporate learning into our every day play. But there are occasions that I create intentional learning activities for the boys to do. And Henry really does enjoy doing them. He’s kind of my smarty pants and likes to prove it. Last week was parent teacher conferences at Henry’s school. So we […]

Fine Motor Activities on It's Playtime

6 Fall Fine Motor Activities

Since I shared a few gross motor activities to do last week on It’s Playtime, I thought I’d turn it around and focus on the little things, like a few fine motor activities. To have lots of inspiration for fine motor activities, check out our 30 activities and materials that promote fine motor skills.   […]


7 Gross Motor Activities for Fall

We like to move around here. I guess that’s what two boys do. And I’m sure it doesn’t just apply to boys either! It’s also great for them to be doing, so I encourage it. [It usually makes bedtime go easier too!] Something to do outside before it gets too chilly, or bring the fun […]


8 Fall Crafts for Kids! Gorgeous!

I’m just on a fall kick lately. And fell in love with these gorgeous fall crafts I found on It’s Playtime from last week. The colors are so beautiful in fall crafts. I just can’t get over it. Fall crafts for kids range from beautiful fall colored trees to spiders and spider webs for Halloween. […]

Leaf Activities for Kids

8 Leaf Activities for Kids on It’s Playtime!

It’s almost that time of year. The time that the seasons are changing. And the time that the leaves are changing, and falling to the ground. What can the kids do with all these leaves? Of course, you gotta rake them up in a pile and jump in them and throw them in the air! […]

toddler sensory activities

6 Sensory Activities for Toddlers to Explore with All 5 Senses

I often associate sensory activities to toddlers because it’s all about exploring with your senses and not following direction or learning a specific curriculum. When I think of sensory activities, I can’t help but think of ooey, gooey, slimy stuff to put through your fingers. But there’s more to the senses then just touch. Sight, […]

Creative Painting Ideas & Activities

6 Creative Painting Ideas on It’s Playtime!

We haven’t been having too many creative activities around here lately! I’ve been a little preoccupied with the bakery lately and haven’t had the time I’d like to do art and crafty projects with the kids. I know,  its a classic excuse to not be hands on with the kids.   Anyway, I don’t want […]

Activities for learning shapes

Learning Shapes on It’s Playtime!

Henry’s first week of school and they’re already learning shapes! Henry knows the basic shapes, but drawing them, or making them might be a different story. He’s getting much more into it though and I’m loving that he’s trying! I found some learning activities for shapes on It’s Playtime: [above, clockwise from top-left] Timeless Adventures […]