6 Learning Activities on It’s Playtime

Learning activities enforce a child’s knowledge of what they’re already learning through play. These activities are usually best received when your kid is interested in the topic already. It is almost impossible to force a child, of preschool age or younger for sure, to learn something that they have absolutely no interest in yet. Be […]

12 Snow Activities for Kids this Winter

12 Snowy Indoor Activities for Kids this Winter

  12 Snow Activities for kids to do this winter: [Above, from top, left to right] Make gorgeous ice decorations to hang outside. From Red Ted Art. Use toilet paper rolls to make adorable snowmen. From Life with Moore Babies. Learn how to make a 6 pointed snowflake. From Preschool Powel Packets. An easy way to […]

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DIY Wrapping Paper: 10 Designs

Homemade wrapping paper designs: [above from top-left] Simple sticker art with office dots! By Red Ted Art Sponge and scooter art turned into gift wrap! By Taming the Goblin Tape resist scribble art the name of the gift’s receiver! By What Do We Do All Day Stenciled snowflakes for a shimmery design! By Here Come […]

12 Christmas Tree Crafts

12 Christmas Tree Crafts & Activities

Christmas tree crafts and activities: [above from top-left] Make Christmas tree beaded ornaments and other holiday shapes. – Buggy and Buddy Create your very own lacing activity in the shape of a Christmas Tree with salt dough. – MumCentral Super cute paper plate Elf Christmas trees from Sun Hat & Wellie Boots. Sculpt Christmas trees […]

Outdoor Activities

5 Outdoor Activities on It’s Playtime!

With a newborn in the house now it’s hard for us to get outside and play regularly. I dug up these five outdoor activities from last week’s It’s Playtime to inspire us with some ideas to get outside get this fall before it gets too cold later on this winter. When that snow does fall […]

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5 Cars & Trucks Activities

My boys like things with wheels. So its often the center of many of our activities. Its just easier to include them then try to get the boys interested in a completely different theme. By including them in our activities, it often does get them interested in a completely different theme that they would have […]