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In yesterday’s post, P is for Play, I went through a few of the ways I look at play, and how I believe it is an important part of learning for a young child.

Luckily enough, I find inspiration for all kinds of ways to play every week from It’s Playtime! (Yay Playtimers!)

Here are your ways to play in each area of Play that I outlined yesterday.

Outdoor Play:
Gratefully Growing in Grace shows how simple outdoor play can be – take it to the track! Let the kids run free!

Nature Play:
Making fairy houses in nature is a perfect example of exploring Nature! Red Ted Art combines many of the areas of play (creative, pretend, nature…) with this fun activity!

Nature play

Pretend or Imaginative Play:
Or dramatic play. I believe it all fits into this category. The Simple Blessings takes the simple act of taking a bath to the play area with the kids with a barbie/doll bath!

Pretend Play

Exploratory Play:
The ooey gooiness of this paper pulp is full of sensory exploration! I love the whole series of Paper Pulp stories from Happy Little Messes!

Exploratory or Sensory Play

Creative Play:
Adventures in Home Making created and explored with watercolor resist over crayons!

Creative Play

Play Based Learning:
A very playful way to learn shapes with a shape hopscotch from My Creative Family!

Play Based Learning

Free Play:
The Outlaw Mom has fun with bubble wrap, letting the kids have at it, popping and all.

free play

Ready for fun with your kids?

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  1. The Outlaw Mom says

    Thank you so much for featuring our Bubble Wrap Fun post! It is definitely such a fun way to play! We'll be exploring lots of the great ideas here for more ways to play :-)

  2. Mandi says

    Excited to be back for another link-up! This week I'm linking up our rainy day activities! We made toddler-friendly rain sticks, umbrella cookies, and did some "rain drop art"! My little guy had so much fun he's going to start looking forward to rainy days. Looks like a lot of awesome ideas again this week, I can't wait to check them all out! My favorite blog hop. :) Thanks for hosting! Have a great day!

    Mandi at

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