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I’m ecstatic with the response for the 30 Days to Hands on Play Challenge that I’m doing with The Imagination Tree. For Day 3, Anna’s challenging you with some Block Building!

Back to It’s Playtime though… I was overwhelmed with the amount of Halloween activities you guys do! I thought we were busy being spooky and creepy, but you guys completely outdid me!

However, Halloween has passed and now I’m onto featuring regular old fun filled activities.

Today I’m looking at sorting, collecting, matching activities.
These kind of activities can be adapted to almost any developmental level.
I love those kind of activities!

Here’s what I found on last week’s It’s Playtime after I sorted through it all:

(A Sunny Home: Color Collecting)

Shout out a color to your kids and have them sort through toys, books and anything else found in the home to find that specific color. This is so simple, no prep whatsoever and I can see it being thoroughly enjoyed by the kids. Plus reinforcing colors and different shades of colors. This brilliant color collecting idea is brought to you from A Sunny Home.

Above, from left to right:

  • A matchup of Halloween cutouts. Sort through the cutouts to find its match. Happy Hooligans cut the shapes out of wallpaper samples!
  • Reading Confetti made a candy corn ‘puzzle’ to sort out the long and short A sounds.
  • Another twist on learning the long and short ‘A’ sounds is with this pumpkin puzzle to sort from The Learning Hypothesis.
  • Another brilliant idea is found at Little Lucky (sorry, no picture). Trace a few different shaped leaves and have a leaf sort based on their shapes! Count them as an added bonus!

High Five to these play friends!

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