It’s Playtime! Science Experiments for Preschoolers!

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After doing our lava lamp experiment, I’ve been on the lookout for more fun with science!

Especially experiments that my preschooler will find fun to do!
Here are a few experiments I found just on last week’s It’s Playtime! from my playdate friends!

science experiments for kids

(Science Sparks: What’s Heaviest?)

A great experiment from Science Sparks. Find out what’s heavier! This is a concept I need to run by Henry to find out what he knows. Being heavy or light is kind of an abstract thing to comprehend.

Even though a toddler wouldn’t understand the concept and learning behind it, it would be a wonderful activity for them too! I bet George would get a kick out of the differences of each container!

science experiments for preschoolers

Above, from left to right:

High Five to these play friends!

(Go leave them a playful comment!)

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  1. De tout et de rien: Activités pour le Préscolaire says

    I must say that science experiments are always my best activities. I love to do science! Thank you for those great activities to add to my to-do list :)

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