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As a child I loved games!

Maybe its the competitive part of me.I loved (and still do) a challenge.
I hope (to a certain extent at least) my kids have this same competitive drive throughout childhood and into adulthood.

Games that are age appropriate for a preschooler are sometimes hard to come by. To make a game exciting as well as stimulating can sometimes be a challenge!

A Challenge?

Well, I found the answers on last week’s It’s Playtime! preschooler games

Technology for kids! I know there’s controversy on the topic, but I feel this is a technological world that kids will need to learn all about.

These app games that Working on a Project listed are all educational games for kids! And what kid doesn’t want to grab that iPhone out of your hands? From learning your ABCs to building words to puzzles to an Operation type game. I never knew these apps existed! I’m going to check them out!

Some other games the Playtimers are playing:

preschooler games

Above, from left to right:

  • Life in the Unknown got the kids up and moving with the Active ABCs Game as well as their own made up version!
  • A number learning game from baby jar lids! Play Number Hockey like Toddler Approved to learn your 1-2-3s!
  • Gratefully Growing in Grace provides entertainment in muffin tins! Lots of sorting games, and even some patterning!
  • Let those little fingers get a workout with this Nuts and Bolts Game from Relentlessly Fun, Deceptively Educational. And maybe even learn some rhyming, shapes and opposits too!

High Five to these play friends!

(Go leave them a playful comment!)

What game does your preschooler get excited about?

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  1. Nelu says

    Hi Jamie – I kinda messed up the theme by linking to something my little one started doing recently (she is only 1). Feel free to delete my entry to keep the activities organized by age. Needless to say that I like the idea of having a collection of age-appropriate activities when my daughter will be a preschooler.

  2. happyhooligans says

    Hey Jamie! Is there some way to link up JUST a photo for "it's playtime"? What I mean is, sometimes, I have neat photos of play, but haven't put them in a blog-post, but don't really feel like doing up a post just so I can like it to "It's Playtime". Know what I mean?

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