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The Best of It’s Playtime!

The posts that you liked the best, by heading over to their blogs or liking them on the linky.
These are your favorite play posts:

  1. Jada Roo Can Do’s camping sensory bin! With rice, noodles, pine cones and so much more… Sensory galore!
  2. Spaghetti Towers! Practice patterning and giving those little fingers a workout! Love the bright colored noodles from Pre-School Play.
  3. Last week there was a lot of celebrating Eric Carle’s birthday. NurtureStore explored ideas for activities to do along with The Very Hungry Caterpillar.
  4. Crafts-N-Things for Children created a sensory bag of the ocean! A very clever, and mess-free sensory activity!

And I can’t go without telling you my favorite play post either.

Its a learning post.
All about the letter B.
And nope. No printables. No desks.
Just B activities and art.
By No Wooden Spoons.

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