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Painting is an obvious form of art.

There are also many different ways to paint.
But, what about other ways to make art, without paint?

  1. Using fabric scraps to make a collage like Tinkerlab is an artform that can be expanded upon to make even more art masterpieces!
  2. Art for Little Hands creates a piece of permanent art by printing from a collection of nature in clay.
  3. Magazines can be a piece of art! When you cut them up and create a nature collage! A beautiful way to upcycle a magazine as well as celebrate the environment, Mommy Labs created this for the Forest Fiesta!
  4. This scanner art is absolutely stunning from Artful Adventures. Layout a design with buttons, rubberbands, anything that you’d like, and scan it into your computer!
  5. Using nature, once again, Putti Prapancha draws with sticks and leaves!

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  1. MommyLabs says

    Thank you for featuring our magazine collage! I loved seeing other featured ideas as well. The leaves imprinted permanently in clay is particularly outstanding! I'm so eager to try this… :)

  2. ಪುಟ್ಟಿಯ ಅಮ್ಮ/Putti Amma says

    Thank you for featuring our 'Leaves and Stick People' !! Loved your other picks too.

    When we did that, after imprinting the leaf in clay we cut around the edges of clay with a wavy knife. That gave us a clay leaf (will email u the pic if u want)

  3. I am Laura says

    thanks for featuring our nature prints. I have ideas for more to do with them. Many people have suggested that we take time to paint them, but I love the simplicity of them white and pure as they are. I have seen some other ideas out there for how to make the clay yourself and I am going to give that a try soon. It was a fun activity.

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