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Gross motor skills, Henry has down.

He was an early walker, and always ahead of the curve for all the big milestones.

Those tedious fine motor skills though,
Henry has a little trouble with.
Henry’s not the most patient little boy,
so sneaking in some practice can sometimes be tricky.

We have found a few sneaky ways to work on his fine motor with a couple activities like threading with spaghetti noodles and making a dandelion hat. Working with what he’s into at the moment is usually the trick for us.

Some playtime buddies shared palyful activities to keep those little fingers busy too!


(Crayon Freckles uses kitchen tongs for object pickup.)

Using household items that I already have like these kitchen tongs to use for picking up small objects like pom poms works those hands and fingers and intricate ways as well hand eye coordination! Plus there’s some sneaky math lessons!

fine motor activities

Above, from left to right:

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  1. [email protected] says

    Thanks for featuring our paper beads on Its Playtime this week. There were some fantastic ideas shared, just need more time in the week so I can get to try them all!

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