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I have lately felt the itch to get moving.
To get Henry and George moving, more specifically.

I noticed that we haven’t been doing as many energetic activities as we were prior to the summer. Being outdoors all day does get the kids moving.

I looked through last week’s It’s Playtime for inspiration to get the kids moving. I found some nifty ways to get the kids tangled up and burn off their energy.

I am inspired by Lissybug’s Name Twist Game. Having each child twist up to form each letter of their name [J-A-M-E-S]. She even snapped a photo of each letter for a gift! (I plan to replicate this soon, but I may need instruction on how to form each letter!)

What’s Lissybug’s little girl’s name? (Check her post, come back and leave a comment for fun!)

Some more energy busting inspiration:

Above, from left to right:

  • Picklebums went outdoors and let the children run and play with sticks! I think this is fantastic and a simple activity to get moving outdoors!
  • Learning for Life found value in an abundant resource: milk crates! Finding ways to play with crates: stacking, climbing, fencing in. Lots of movement going on with the play, but the movement to build these structures too is fascinating!
  • Row, row, row your… tub? Letting children play lets them explore freely and discover new things, such as a tub being a boat in a kiddy pool! (Life in the Unknown)
  • Another twist on movement is from Toddler Approved! A game of twister with your child’s names. Learning name and letter recognition all while working on gross motor development.

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  1. katepickle says

    Sometimes I can be hard for us boring old adults to get off our bums and get moving…. but once we do it is almost always worth it, for us and the kids! Thanks for featuring me with these other great posts!

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